Pajammy Jam of the Day | Jill Andrews – Always Be Sorry

“I can’t tell how you’ve changed me/ And I am grateful/ But I am angry.”

Damn that Jill Andrews. She probably wrote that line in five minutes. I’ve been searching for those exact words for five years. Simple, I know. But simple usually wins in my world.

Jill Andrews’ world has been turned around in the last year or so. Her band, The Everybodyfields, called it quits, she got married, she had a baby, and she started her solo career with the release of her self-titled EP. It’s beautiful music by a special artist on the rise.

“Always Be Sorry” is a reflective and remorseful tune that tugs at my heart because it’s honest. And we all win when we’re telling the truth, no matter the consequences. Have a listen below.

Jill Andrews – Always Be Sorry

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