Pajammy Jam of the Day | Banjo or Freakout – Go Ahead

Photo Credit: Robert Bellamy

After a string of plaudits for remixes of artists as diverse as Bloc Party, Burial, Wild Beasts, and Amy Winehouse, it wasn’t long before Banjo or Freakout, aka Alessio Natalizia, joined the shortlist of bands with true buzz surrounding them. Their first EP, Upside Down, was also received to critical praise across the board due to its gauzy melancholia and bedroom beats.

It was the perfect precursor to the introspective delirium of this album, though Alessio’s approach to making music has never wavered. Our Jam of the Day, “Go Ahead,” is rich with gently-strummed guitars, synths, drum loops, and those little effects, making it simply mesmerizing.

Check it out below via The Fader, and pick up the debut self-titled LP when it drops February 22nd on Rare Book Room.

Banjo or Freakout – Go Ahead

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Happy Friday everyone!

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