Pajammy Jam of the Day | Carl Broemel – Heaven Knows

Carl Broemel, guitarist for My Morning Jacket, is set to release his debut solo album, All Birds Say, on ATO Records on August 31st. The album is an intimate and honest collection of musings on life, a distinct departure from what MMJ does, at least sound-wise. Some would even describe it as “zen-like.”

“Heaven Knows,” your Pajammy Jam of the Day is like a little haiku put to music. It is completely of the moment, without placing judgment on that moment. It is organic and light; I can close my eyes and very naturally imagine birds chirping amidst the precision whistling or a babbling brook flowing through its chorus. It is short and sweet, only (a very satisfying) two minutes and thirty seconds long.

And sorry to get sappy on you, but this song is perfect for anyone falling in love (or, at least having a noteworthy fling) this summer. So, find your boo, jump in a hammock (you might first need to make a pit stop at Home Depot to procure one), and press play on “Heaven Knows.”

Carl Broemel – Heaven Knows

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