Pajammy Jam of the Day | Meaghan Smith – I Know

It’s Friday here at Speakers in Code, and I still feel like loungin’. After all, it is still snowing. And cold. And February.

But, I have the up-and-coming Meaghan Smith to warm up my day. The Canadian singer’s lovely little song that I just can’t get enough of is called “I Know,” and it’s off her new album, The Cricket’s Orchestra, which is now available everywhere in North America.

Here’s what we get from Smith in a little under three minutes: killer whistling (thanks to her father, Les Smith), soothing mellotron (thanks to Les Cooper), cool clarinet (thanks to Spencer Evans), and to die for vocals (you know who). Seriously, it’s just what I needed on this freezing Friday.

Smith says that “I Know” is “for anyone out there who can’t say those three little words.” My guess is that they are the same words that The Avett Brothers recently noted always become hard to say: I and Love and You.

Click here for the YouTube, or listen below!

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