Pajammy Jam of the Day | The Spring Standards – Only Skin

Remember me with yellow hair and freckles on my nose
Remember me in purple shoes and turquoise pantyhose
Remember my two ankles, my fingers, and my toes
Remember me with yellow air and freckles on my nose

There’s beauty in simplicity, and what could be a better example of that notion than the lyrics to our Pajammy Jam of the Day, “Only Skin” by The Spring Standards?

The Spring Standards – Only Skin

Yet, even such simplicity has its dark side. What happens when an idea is whittled down to nothingness because fleeing emotions or escaping time have vanquished its power? “Your name is just a noise now/ your face is only skin…” Heather Robb’s lead vocals are appropriately somber – yet also appropriately detached – to recall such buried memories both with warm nostalgia and icy distance.

The yellow//gold double EP is due out May 1st on Parachute Shooter Records. Catch the band live in Saint Louis at Off Broadway on May 8th. The lovely Union Tree Review will kick off the night.

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