Pajammy Jam of the Day | Y La Bamba – Juniper

Portland’s Y La Bamba is fronted by Luzelena Mendoza, the only daughter of a Mexican immigrant. A complex character who draws inspiration from her strict Catholic upbringing and also the debilitating illness that led to her crisis of faith, Mendoza’s signature vocals weave magical threads of both the traditional and contemporary.

It didn’t take long for Y La Bamba’s rustic, campfire sound to catch the attention of The Decemberists‘ guitarist, Chris Funk, who then offered up his production skillz for the recording sessions on the band’s first LP. That effort is now ready to meet the world. World, get ready to meet Lupon.

With a Fleet Foxes-esque intro, and hints of art-folk musicians like Devendra Banhart, today’s PJOTD is richly layered with boy-girl, call and answer harmonies. And damn, I just love a fade out where stratums of instruments drop off one at a time.

Y La Bamba – Juniper

Lupon comes out on September 28th on Tender Loving Empire. Pre-order it now.

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