Photos + Review | Poliça and Pony Bwoy

Pony Bwoy | All photos by Kristen Abigail

Usually when you think of Poliça, you’d think of an easy
going beautiful synth pop kind of vibes. But this past Saturday night started
with a bang, or rather a lot of bass.

Poliça brought on their label mates Pony Bwoy to open for
their short tour run. Pony Bwoy is an electronic rap duo also from Minneapolis
fronted by rapper Jeremy Nutzman. Hunter Morley adds in synthesizers and other
various beatbox kind of noises. During their set, Nutzman gets quite
provocative, but you can tell that he is emotionally invested in each lyric
that comes out of his mouth. All while Morley shakes his long curly hair back
and forth and also meanders off the stage and into the crowd until his mic
won’t allow him to go any further. What makes this duo really entertaining are
their facial expressions and hand gestures. While their sound isn’t
particularly my style, they did seem to open for the night quite well leaving a
surprisingly positive impression on the audience.

Poliça finally graced the stage, with frontwoman Channy
Leaneagh being as charming as always. Leaneagh prefaced that all the songs
during the set except for 3 songs would be brand new. They’ll be recording
their next record in Texas starting this month, and hoping for a release later
this year. Their new set of songs are just as powerful and percussion heavy as
the tunes heard off their most recent record, Shulamith. However, I did notice
that it sounded like there were less synthesizers and more of Leaneagh singing,
which I am not opposed to hearing. About halfway through Poliça’s set, Leaneagh
admits that she’s expecting and must sit down because it takes a lot to sing
over a bassist and 2 drummers. The crowd at Mercy Lounge cheered her on and
admired that she’s working hard. Poliça delivered a beautiful set leaving the
Nashville crowd excited for the upcoming record.

Polica & Pony Bwoy have 2 shows left in Texas before
they take more time off from the road to record. In the meantime, please enjoy
these photos by Kristen Abigail below.


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