PREMIERE | Twelve Thousand Armies – One Last Scar

Love songs, like ladies, come in many different shapes, sizes, colors and degrees of crazy. Some are sweet but not that exciting. Some are hot, but not the kind you’d let your parents listen to. Then, there are the kind that are enjoyable at first, but the more you’re around them, you simply want to gouge out your earholes with an dull icepick because they’re just goddam superficial.

Our Jam of the Day Premiere today is the type of love song that’s pretty at first, but the more you listen, the more you realize there are some deep emotional elements that anchor things far beyond that catchy-as-shit slide guitar and chill, sunny day melody. “One Last Scar,” to the best of my lyrical-interpretation ability, is a song about breakup. And even moreso, it’s about the lasting physio-and-psycho-logical effects that remain long after said breakup has moved firmly into historical territory.

For those of you (looking at you St. Louis,) that aren’t familiar with NC’s Twelve Thousand Armies, the band was one of several key groups to come out of Carrboro’s Drughorse Collective in the late 2000’s, along with a few other notable groups for fans of the blog, like The Love Language and Mount Moriah.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to release this single off their upcoming LP TIGER BEAT, which is out March 25 via Phuzz Records.  Check it below.

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