Ring in the New Year at Off Broadway (And Kiss Us at Midnight!)

Artwork by Nate Jones of Kentucky Knife Fight

New Year’s Eve can be hard, man. It’s usually flavored with the cynicism of downtrodden naysayers or the overly high expectations of innocent eager beavers (see: all the people who paid money to see this). Between the solo whiskey sippers and the prix fixe four course dinners at The Melting Pot, the happy medium can be difficult to achieve.

So, you want a laid back, yet waaaay fun, New Year’s Eve that still feels different – more special – than your typical night out in Saint Louie?

You’ve come to the right place.

May we suggest the annual FREE par-tay at one of our favorite music venues in town, Off Broadway (co-hosted by Speakers in Code and New Belgium)? Nope, we didn’t stutter. We said FREE.

For the second year in a row (and we attended last year’s shindig, so we can affirm the fun factor), The Blind Eyes and Kentucky Knife Fight are kicking the night off with mouthwatering live sets of the rock ‘n’ roll variety. Local supergroup, Dino’s House Band, will finish the night off real propa like with a tasty selection of covers and obscurities. Get ready for special guest appearances from Cassie Morgan, Beth Bombara, John Joern (Old Lights), David Beeman (Old Lights), Kristin Dennis (Née), and many more! Expect DJ Christian Schaffer (of The Dive Poets) to play the hot jams in between sets. Oh yes, there will be dancing. Probably to some Billy Ocean.

The event is 21+, and your smile gets you inside. Doors are at 7:30 PM; music starts at 8:00 PM. RSVP on Facebook HERE.

Because we’re old fashioned like that, we asked some of the evening’s stars to set the mood by sharing their 2012 New Year’s resolutions with us.

James Baker (Kentucky Knife Fight): 
[I resolve] to be more like Mark Twain, but in a bad way.

Curt Brewer (Kentucky Knife Fight):
This year I plan on gaining enough weight to make it onto The Biggest Loser then I plan to start smoking to lose said weight. Bam.

Kristin Dennis (Née): 
My New Year’s resolution for 2012 is to party hard all year long until December 21st when the end of the Mayan calender brings about an apocalyptic galactic alignment and, ultimately, the end of time.

Jason Koenig (Kentucky Knife Fight):
This year, I plan to learn Portuguese and to finally get my career as a hand model off the ground.

Matt Picker (The Blind Eyes):

1) Try to convince Seth to write more than one song this year. 2) Continue not caring about Lady Gaga (in human or CGI-chipmunk form). 3) Draw more skulls. 4) Attempt to finish Repo Man without falling asleep. 5) Learn to play a decent shuffle beat so I can show up that no-good James Baker once and for all.
Seth Porter (The Blind Eyes):
In the tradition of Jimmy Buffet’s “Margaritaville,” Rupert Holmes’s “Escape (The Pina Colada Song),” and Bob Dylan’s “Hurricane,” I resolve to write a hit song based around a fruity cocktail.  Perhaps a Bermuda Rum Swizzle or a Gin Gin Mule. Also, I will learn to field dress a deer.  
Christian Schaeffer (The Dive Poets):
1) Take better care of my dress shoes. A litte polish goes a long way. 2) Stop leaning so hard on Earth, Wind & Fire in my DJ sets. 3) Allow the current wave of saxophone solos in indie rock songs to pass by and not get so angry about it.
Kevin Schneider (The Blind Eyes):
I plan to meet, engage in conversation with, and befriend acclaimed actor Ryan Gosling. By the end of the year, I hope to have sufficiently earned his trust so that I may lure him, unwittingly, into erotic servitude.
Andy White (The Blind Eyes): 
My New Year’s resolution is to not cut my hair or shave for all of 2012; then, New Year’s Eve 2012, I will shave my head and beard, and at midnight, eat it all.
And, with that, we bid you adieu…until Saturday night where pants will be danced off, and this music blog will kiss you at midnight. Happy New Year, friends! 

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