Show Preview | Goodnight Texas at The Station, Carrboro, NC

Photo by David Bornfriend

Goodnight, Texas made the best album in 2012 that you didn’t hear.

Goodnight, Texas is a real place.

Goodnight, Texas is Chapel Hill’s Patrick Dyer Wolf and San Francisco’s Avi Vincour, and Goodnight, Texas, is the exact midpoint between their two homes.

There are a lot of ways that I could have started this preview, and they’re all true. The record, A Long Life Of Living, is trapped somewhere in the hill country of Texas or maybe the coal mines of Kentucky; it’s a sound that’s a little modern, a little dusty, a little old fashioned, all earnest and well-written and charming. Old sounds made with new instruments, and a host of adjectives to apply to them: eerie and hopeful, sad and joyful. It’s not just one of the best albums you didn’t hear in 2012, it’s one of the most honest, most intimate, and most worth your time and money.

Goodnight, Texas are at the end of a cross-country tour, including their first stop ever in the actual Goodnight, Texas, and will be playing at the Station in Carrboro on Thursday, with the Hill & Wood. There’s no cover charge, and the show starts at 9pm, so there’s no excuse for you Chapel Thrillians not to be there.

Stream two tracks from A Long Life Of Living below, and get yourselves out to the Station on Thursday night.

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