Small Surround Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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When it comes to shopping for small surround speakers, there are a few key points to consider. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing home theater setup or starting from scratch, these five points will help you find the right speakers for your needs.

First, consider the size of the speakers. Small surround speakers are a great way to save space and still get great sound quality. Look for a speaker that will fit your available space, whether it’s your living room, bedroom, or home theater.

Second, think about the sound quality. Although small speakers are designed to take up less space, they still should produce quality sound. Look for speakers with a frequency response range that is suitable for your needs.

Third, consider the power output of the speakers. Make sure the speakers you choose are powerful enough to handle your sound needs. This will ensure you get the sound you’re looking for without having to turn the volume up too high.

Fourth, take a look at the features of the speakers. Look for features such as Bluetooth connectivity, built-in amplifiers, and adjustable bass and treble controls. These features will help you customize the sound of your speakers to meet your needs.

Finally, think about the price. Small surround speakers can range in price from relatively inexpensive to quite pricey. Consider your budget and look for a speaker that fits within it while still offering the features and sound quality you’re looking for.

By keeping these five points in mind, you’ll be able to find the perfect small surround speakers for your needs. With the right speakers, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite movies and music with excellent sound quality.

10 Best Selling Small Surround Speakers

1. Compact 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers (Pair), 3" Woofer, Wall Mountable.

The Micca COVO-S Compact 2-Way Passive Bookshelf Speakers are perfect for your desktop stereo or home theater surround sound. Despite their diminutive 5.1-inch tall and 4.2-inch wide size, the COVO-S speakers deliver great sound with a dynamic and rich sound signature. They feature a versatile design, allowing for placement on a bookshelf, as center channel speakers, or with optional wall mount brackets as surround sound speakers.

Each COVO-S speaker holds a 3-inch wool fiber woofer in a ported enclosure, delivering warm and accurate vocals and usable bass extension down to 90Hz. The concentric 0.75-inch PEI tweeter design maintains coherency through the crossover transition region, creating an immersive listening experience.

The COVO-S features patented woofer design that serves as a horn waveguide for the tweeter and a 6dB/Octave crossover circuit is used on the woofers and tweeter for optimal sound quality.

The Micca COVO-S Compact 2-Way Passive Bookshelf Speakers are a great choice for your desktop stereo or home theater surround sound. It is important to note that the COVO-S is a passive bookshelf speaker and requires connection to an amplifier or home theater receiver. It cannot be connected directly to a turntable, smartphone, or computer.

2. Roku Wireless Speakers (For Roku Streambars Or Roku Tv)

The Roku Wireless Speakers provide cinematic sound to your Roku TV or immersive surround sound to your Roku audio system. Designed to deliver full, clear sound and crisp dialogue, the wireless speakers provide powerful, premium audio with high frequencies and dynamic bass. With this technology, you can be immersed in your TV, with room-filling audio that moves with the action, conversations that feel like you’re in the room, and soundscapes that transport you to another world.

Not only that, but you can also elevate your music with the Roku Wireless Speakers. Listen to your music come to life with clear highs and volume without distortion. You can tune into your favorite music channels or stream via Bluetooth. For even more control over your sound, you can easily boost the volume of voices with Speech Clarity, lower loud commercials for consistent sound with Volume Leveling, and enjoy your TV without waking the house using Night Mode.

Setting up the speakers is easy and wireless. No need to run cables across your living room—just plug them into power and wirelessly connect them to your Roku TV, Roku Streambar, Roku Streambar Pro, or Roku Smart Soundbar. Stream music, podcasts, and more from a Bluetooth connected device to open up a world of sound. And with automatic software updates, you’ll always have the most up-to-date software for your speakers and the best possible sound. Plus, you can easily combine one or two sets of Roku Wireless Speakers to build your own full surround sound system.

Bring cinematic sound to your Roku TV or immersive surround sound to your Roku audio system with the Roku Wireless Speakers. Experience powerful, premium audio with high frequencies, dynamic bass, and clear highs. Get the most up-to-date software and enjoy your entertainment with room-filling, immersive sound.

3. Fluance Sxbp2 Bipolar Surround Speakers, Black Ash (Pair)

The Fluance Elite High Definition 2-Way Bipolar Surround Speakers are designed to bring the cinema experience into the home. Offering an immersive bipolar radiation pattern for wide dispersion of sound, this surround sound system will provide an optimum surround imaging experience. The premium components ensure serious performance and natural sound, guaranteeing a seamless timbre to match with the Fluance SX Series and other high quality systems.

The speakers are expertly crafted with engineered MDF wood cabinetry to reduce cabinet resonance, and finished in a sleek black ash wood. This ensures the speakers will look great in any home theater setting. Additionally, the speakers come with a Full lifetime parts and labor manufacturer's direct warranty, and a lifetime customer support service.

The Fluance Elite High Definition 2-Way Bipolar Surround Speakers will provide a sound experience like no other. With their premium components and engineered MDF wood cabinetry, you can be sure of a reliable and powerful sound. The bipolar radiation pattern offers wide dispersion, while the seamless timbre allows it to match perfectly with other high quality systems. The full lifetime warranty and customer support services ensure you can enjoy this system for years to come.

4. 50w 15" Bowfell Bluetooth Sound Bar For Tv, Home Theater, Gaming, Projectors.

The Majority Bowfell is a powerful 50 watt sound bar that is perfect for any home. Designed with the latest audio technology, it has the ability to connect to a wide range of household items such as TVs, PCs, laptops, projectors, and monitors. With 5 audio modes and bluetooth connectivity, it is an ideal sound bar for any home theater, providing true cinematic surround sound.

The Bowfell is slim and compact, fitting perfectly on desks and comfortably under TVs. It can be easily controlled by the buttons on the side or with the supplied remote for truly wireless sound. It comes with an EQ feature to customize the audio to your exact needs. Whether you’re listening to music, watching a movie, or playing a game, you can enjoy audio that is truly how it was meant to be heard.

The Majority Bowfell is compatible with all major audio connections including AUX, optical, RCA, and USB. The package includes 1x Bowfell, 1x Remote, 1x RCA cable, 1x Power cable, 1x AUX cable and a user manual. Developed and designed in Cambridge UK, it is backed by an experienced and friendly customer service department, offering a 3-year extended warranty on all products (registration required) and a hassle-free return policy.

The Majority Bowfell is the perfect sound bar for any home theater. With 50 watts of powerful audio, a slim design and a wide range of audio connections, you can enjoy cinematic surround sound in your own home. Trustworthy audio, effortless control and a hassle-free return policy make the Majority Bowfell the perfect choice for any home.

5. Mc2.5b Dual 2.5" Swivel Surround Sound Mini Cube Speakers (Pair, Black) W/brackets

The Pure Resonance Audio MC2.5B Dual 2.5” Swiveling Surround Sound Mini Cube Speaker is the perfect choice for any home entertainment set up. This package includes two speakers with adjustable wall mount brackets, each with the ability to rotate up to 90 degrees and tilt up or down 20 degrees. This dual-pivoting array allows for precise audio delivery, making these speakers perfect for any area where space is limited.

Each speaker contains two cubes, each cube holding a 2.5" driver with rubber surround and a metal grille. This small package provides high quality audio and a powerful sound, no matter the size of the room. The modern and elegant design of the MC2.5B is perfect for any home decor.

The Pure Resonance Audio MC2.5B is the perfect choice for anyone looking to take their home entertainment set up to the next level. With its adjustable wall mount bracket and dual-pivoting array, these mini cube speakers provide an unparalleled audio experience. The powerful sound, combined with its small size, make it perfect for any area where space is limited.

6. 1more Quad Driver Earphones Hi-Res, Warm Bass, High Res, Mic In-Line Remote, Silver/gray

The 1MORE Quad Driver in-Ear Earphones Hi-Res High Fidelity Headphones are the perfect combination of sound quality and comfort. With four drivers, including a diamond-like carbon dynamic driver and three balanced armatures, these headphones provide unparalleled dynamic power and definition. The streamlined aluminum sound chamber has been designed to provide exceptional comfort and noise isolation, making these earphones perfect for any situation.

The 1MORE Quad Driver in-Ear Earphones also feature intelligent controls with a built-in microphone, allowing you to easily adjust the volume and skip songs with the touch of a button. In addition, crystal clear calls are made possible with these headphones.

This product also comes with a range of deluxe accessories. The luxurious gift box includes a leather traveling case, nine ear tip sizes, ¼” and airline adaptors, and a matching shirt clip. Perfectly tuned by Grammy winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi, the 1MORE Quad Driver in-Ear Earphones provide an ultra-realistic soundstage.

The 1MORE Quad Driver in-Ear Earphones Hi-Res High Fidelity Headphones are the perfect combination of sound quality and comfort. With four drivers, intelligent controls with a built-in microphone, and deluxe accessories, these earphones are a must-have for anyone looking to experience a fully balanced and ultra-realistic soundstage.

7. Universal Speaker Stands, 31.22"-46.18" Height Adj., 11lbs Max, 1 Pair

The PERLESMITH Universal Speaker Stands are the perfect solution for any home audio setup. With adjustable height from 31.22" to 46.18", you can easily create the optimal listening "sweet spot" for you and your guests. Each stand can tilt 0-5° in all directions, allowing you to direct sound towards your seating area for the best audio experience.

These stands are designed to hold a variety of small satellite and bookshelf speakers up to 11 lbs in weight and can accommodate a variety of brands such as Klipsch, Sony, Yamaha, Harmon Kardon, Edifier, Polk, Samsung, Bose, Vizio, JBL, PA DJ, and others. The recast pole and solid base ensure that your speakers are secure and safe.

The PSSS2 speaker stands also feature a large hole (1.18"H x 0.59"W) to manage your cables for a clean and tidy appearance. The top plate can pan 180 degrees from 5.91 to 11.22 inches for easy fitting of different speaker sizes. All necessary mounting hardware is included in the package.

Experience the best in sound quality with the PERLESMITH Universal Speaker Stands. With their adjustable height, secure base, and cable management system, you can enjoy a worry-free listening experience. If you have any questions or concerns, our 24-hour customer service is always here to help.

Small Surround Speakers FAQs

Can any speaker be used as surround?

Yes, any speaker can be used as a surround sound speaker. However, it is not recommended to use regular speakers as surround speakers as they typically lack the power, clarity, and directional sound needed to create a true surround sound experience. Additionally, most regular speakers are not designed to be used in a surround sound system and may not be compatible with the surround sound setup. For best results, it is recommended to use dedicated surround speakers that are designed to work with a surround sound system. These speakers usually feature more power, better sound quality, and directional sound capabilities that are necessary to create an immersive surround sound experience.

How do you get surround sound in a small room?

Surround sound in a small room can be achieved through a few different methods. The most common and cost-effective way is to install multiple speakers around the room. These speakers should be placed in strategic locations so that the sound is evenly distributed throughout the room. Alternatively, soundbars can be used to create a surround sound effect. These are designed to fill the room with sound and provide a more immersive experience. For the best results, it is recommended to use a combination of both speaker placement and soundbars. Additionally, some receivers offer virtual surround sound, which can be used to simulate a surround sound experience in a small room.

What are the best small surround sound speakers?

The best small surround sound speakers depend on your budget and the size of the room you are using them in. For a small room, a 2.1 system such as the Polk Audio Signa S2 or the Klipsch Reference Theater Pack would work great. For a medium-sized room, a 5.1 system such as the Klipsch RP-280F or the Yamaha NS-F51 would be ideal. For larger rooms, a 7.1 system such as the Klipsch RP-8000F or the SVS Prime Tower would be the way to go. When choosing small surround sound speakers, be sure to look at the frequency response, sensitivity, and power handling ratings to ensure they are the right fit for your room.

What size should surround speakers be?

Surround speakers should generally be of the same size and model as the main speakers in your home theater system. The size of the speakers should be based on the size of the room and the power of the amplifier. Typically, a 5.1 channel surround system will require two front speakers, two rear speakers, one center speaker, and a subwoofer. The front speakers should be the largest and the rear speakers should be slightly smaller. The center speaker should be the same size as the front speakers, and the subwoofer should be at least twice the size of the other speakers. When considering the size of the speakers, it is also important to consider the power of the amplifier to ensure that the speakers are not being underpowered.

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