Video | Bible Fiction – Mutiny

Listen, you know us, we’re the blog that features everything from Neil Young to Death Grips. Yeah, we’re that well-rounded — it’s just how we were raised.  But if we were forced to illustrate one genre of our beloved rock n’ roll that is sorely lacking from our musical-quiver, it would be best exemplified via the below video by Bible Fiction. “Mutiny,” the video, is a concerted resistance to all that is ordinary, mundane or safe in our general day to day, just as the title implies. And for a band that is just-now starting to produce, this shit is top-effing-notch.

Check out their documentation of how to properly dispose of all those old VHS tapes that are floating around your folks’ house. And while you’re at it, get the hell out of your office chair and pump your fist at the man.


Bible Fiction “Mutiny” Music Video from Humble Humans.

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