Jam of the Day | She & Him – In The Sun (LouFest Edition)

Photo credit: Sam Jones

Ok, this video for the lead single from She & Him’s Volume Two has been around for a few months, and we even hit you with the track back in January, but in anticipation of this weekend’s LouFest, watch the Sunday night headliners do a hip version of High School Musical in this Jam of the Day. She is Zooey Deschanel, he is M. Ward, and the video encapsulates all that is great about She & Him.

She is adorable. Him is super cool. She’s smokey and twangy voice is unmistakable. Him’s guitar rhythms and song closing solo are classic M. Ward (if you’re familiar with his excellent individual work). While I’m generally opposed to organized mass dance, the moves in this video (which seem to be a hybrid of Britney’s “Hit Me Baby One More Time” and Feist’s “1234” videos) are okay by me with these two behind the metaphorical wheel.

She & Him work together to craft classic pop tunes that stick in your head like gum on the underside of a classroom desk. Buy their records HERE. See them live, in the Saint Louis sun HERE.

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