White Rabbits (The Interview)

Photo by Nick Simonite

Wayyy back in January (yes, it’s already April), we made White Rabbits’ “Heavy Metal” our Jam of the Day, probably creeping you out with the video we’re about to post again, you know, just for the hell of it. It might not be heavy metal, but there’s nothing light about it, either.

While we’re still not exactly sure what is going on in the brains of all five White Rabbits, we do dig their latest offering, Milk Famous. And we can also tell you this: the Brooklyn via Missouri band will be performing at Plush tonight (doors 8PM), and there’s still plenty of time to get tickets ($13-15).

We recently caught up with Jamie Levinson over email.

1. Tell us a little bit about your new album, Milk Famous, and how it was recorded. What were the challenges? What moments stood out the most?

Milk Famous is our new record and I’m really proud of it. Unlike our last couple of records we had a lot of time to stretch out and really take our time in the studio. Also, we had a few months in Austin, Texas to escape, and that was really a good time. It’s been pretty exciting to see it all come together.

2. Your video for “Heavy Metal” was pretty awesome. How did that all come together?

We tapped our good friend Andrew Palermo to make the video for us. He also made the video for “Percussion Gun” and has been a part of our crew for a long time. I wasn’t around for the making of the video but I was really excited when he sent it through. I think it’s a great visual interpretation of our music.

3. You all have ties to Missouri, and this time around, you’re playing a new venue called Plush. What do you look forward to about a St. Louis show?

Lion’s Choice, Carl’s Drive In, IMO’s, Cardinals

White Rabbits w/Gull
Thursday, April 5th
Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

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