Wires For Surround Sound Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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When it comes to setting up a surround sound system, one of the most important components is the wiring. Wires for surround sound speakers can be the difference between hearing a room-filling soundscape or a muffled, distorted mess. To ensure your surround sound system sounds its best, here are five key points to consider when looking for wires for surround sound speakers:

1. Gauge – The gauge of the wire is an important factor to consider. The lower the gauge number, the thicker the wire and the better the sound quality. Generally, for surround sound systems, 16-gauge wire is ideal.

2. Length – The length of the wire is also important. If you’re running the wire along walls or through the ceiling, you’ll need to make sure it’s long enough to reach from the receiver to the speaker.

3. Connectors – There are a variety of connectors available for surround sound systems, so make sure you’re getting the right connector for your speakers.

4. Built-in Features – Some wires come with built-in features such as noise reduction, which can help to improve the sound quality of your system.

5. Price – Finally, you’ll want to consider the price of the wires. While it’s tempting to go for the cheapest option, be aware that the quality of the wire can directly affect the sound quality of your system.

When looking for wires for surround sound speakers, it’s important to consider these five points. Make sure you get the right gauge, length, connectors, features, and price for your system. Doing so will ensure you get the best sound quality possible from your surround sound system.

10 Best Selling Wires For Surround Sound Speakers

1. 16 Awg Speaker Wire (100ft Red/black) For Car, Home Audio

The InstallGear 16 Gauge AWG Speaker Wire is the perfect solution for installing car speakers, stereos, home theater speakers, surround sound, and radio. This cable is 100 feet long with two colors for easy polarity identification – red and black. It is made from copper clad aluminum (CCA) for great conductivity and a rugged PVC jacket for flexibility, elasticity, and impact resistance.

The lower gauge number of the InstallGear 16 Gauge AWG Speaker Wire means that it is thicker and presents less resistance to current flow. The CCA wiring provides a good conductor for transmitting audio while the PVC jacket is designed with the installer in mind, allowing for easy routing and a low memory. The soft touch jacket makes it easy to adjust the physical properties of the wire.

The InstallGear 16 Gauge AWG Speaker Wire is an economical choice for wiring audio systems. It is 100 feet long and made from CCA for good conduction, as well as a rugged PVC jacket for flexibility and impact resistance. The two colors of the wire make it easy to identify polarity, and the soft touch jacket allows for easy adjustment of physical properties. It is the perfect choice for car speakers, stereos, home theater speakers, surround sound, and radio.

2. 14 Awg Speaker Wire, Gearit Pro Series (100 Ft.)

The GearIT Pro Series 14 AWG Gauge Speaker Wire Cable is the perfect choice for custom installation of home theater or car speakers. This speaker wire is made with stranded conductors that are built to last, providing you with a professional grade audio cable. You can use this speaker wire to connect your speakers to an A/V receiver or amplifier with banana plugs, spade tips, or bent pin connectors.

The GearIT Pro Series Speaker Wire Cable is made with Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA) that offers the same signal frequency and corrosion resistance as oxygen free copper. CCA wire is lighter and more flexible than copper wire, allowing you to enjoy the same functions and reliability without paying the extra cost for the installation. It is also much more cost effective than oxygen free copper.

This speaker cable is constructed with the highest quality material and manufactured using a Tier 1 process. It is made of CCA copper clad aluminum which ensures high fidelity sound quality and maximum conductivity and durability. The product goes through rigorous testing to ensure the highest performance and reliability. With the GearIT Pro Series 14 AWG Gauge Speaker Wire Cable, you can enjoy premium sound quality without breaking the bank.

3. Samsung Ht-H4500/j4500/j5500/j5550 Speaker Cable/wire (2 Pcs) Ah81-02137a

This product includes 2 Pcs of four-meter long Speaker Wires / Cables / Cords that are compatible with Samsung Speaker HT-H4500, HT-J4500, HT-H4500K, HT-J5530K, HT-J5500, HT-J5500K, HT-J5550K, HT-J5500W, HT-J5550W, HT-J5550WK, HT-BD3252T/XAA, HT-TZ515T/XAA, HT-TZ515T/XAC, HT-TZ522T/XAA, HT-WX70T/XAA, HT-WZ410T/XAC, HT-TZ422T/XAC, HT-TZ425T/XAC, HT-TZ512T/XAA, HT-Z420T/XAA, HT-Z420T/XAC, HT-Z510T/XAA, SWA-3000/XAA, SWA-3000/XAC, HT-C650W/XAA, HT-C6730W/XAA, HT-C6900W/XAA, HT-C6930W/XAA, HT-C7530W/XAA, HT-D6500W/ZA, HW-J355, SWA-8500S, SWA-9000S/ZA, SWA-9100S/ZA, SWA-8000S, SWA-7000S, SWA-6000, SWA-5000.

These Speaker Wires / Cables / Cords are of type AH81-02137A and are perfect for connecting your Samsung speaker to an audio source. The wires are designed to provide optimal sound quality, providing an uninterrupted and smooth audio experience. The package includes two 4-meter long speaker wires, perfect for connecting your Samsung speakers that are separated by a large distance.

We offer 180 days of service guarantee with this product, so you can rest assured that your purchase will be backed by quality service. If you face any issue while using the product, please feel free to contact us and we will assist you. So, get your hands on this product and enjoy an uninterrupted and high-quality audio experience.

4. 12 Awg Speaker Wire (30ft Blue/black) For Car/home Stereo

The InstallGear 12 Gauge Speaker Wire is an ideal choice for car speakers, stereos, home theater speakers, surround sound systems, radios, and other automotive wiring needs. This 30-foot wire is made from copper clad aluminum (CCA) for excellent conductivity, and has a rugged PVC jacket for flexibility and impact resistance. The two-color jacket design allows for easy polarity identification, preventing potential damage to your audio equipment. The soft-touch jacket is designed with installers in mind, allowing for easy routing and low memory wire.

The lower gauge number of the InstallGear 12 Gauge Speaker Wire indicates a thicker wire, which presents less resistance to current flow. This ultimately results in a louder and clearer sound, making it a great choice for audio enthusiasts. The PVC jacket also ensures durability and a long lasting connection, making it a great choice for outdoor and other exposed wiring needs.

For those in need of a quality speaker wire that won’t break the bank, the InstallGear 12 Gauge Speaker Wire is an excellent choice. With its thick wire, low resistance, and rugged design, it’s sure to provide a great sound experience for many years to come. From car speakers to outdoor wiring needs, the InstallGear 12 Gauge Speaker Wire is your go-to choice for a quality sound experience.

5. 14 Awg Speaker Cable, 50ft – Germany-Made, Pure Copper, Polarity Markings.

KabelDirekt brings you the highest quality pure copper stereo audio speaker wire & cable. Manufactured in Germany, these cables are made with state-of-the-art manufacturing practices and rigorous standards to ensure an exceptionally flexible cable. We use 0.2mm strands of pure copper and a durable yet flexible PVC sheath to achieve outstanding signal quality and longevity.

For an unforgettable sound experience, connect your HiFi, home cinema or speaker system with KabelDirekt cables. Thanks to the thin and flexible design, installation is easy. Additionally, the polarity marking on the outside makes it hassle-free to get the job done.

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase, which is why we’ve included a 36 month warranty with every KabelDirekt product. Enjoy the perfect sound quality and a reliable connection with these cables. Make your next listening experience an unforgettable one.

6. Sony Bdv Compatible Speaker Wires (6 Pack)

This product contains 6 pieces of replacement speaker wire/cable connectors, which are suitable for Sony Home Theater Surround Sound Speaker Systems, such as BDV-E3200 BDV-E300 BDV-E370 BDV-E380 BDV-E385 BDV-E390 BDV-E470 BDV-E570 BDV-E580 BDV-E870 SA-WCT150 SS-CT150 HT-CT350 HT-SS380.

The replacement cables are of the same function as the original ones and the connectors have been repeatedly tested and proven to fit perfectly. When installing the cables, make sure to align the audio hole and use force to insert the connector into the port.

The package includes 1*3m cable, 3*4m cables and 2*10m cables. The product comes with a 180 days unlimited warranty, so customers can directly contact us to solve any worries or problems.

This set of replacement speaker wires is a great choice to enhance your surround sound system and provide you with a more enjoyable audio experience.

7. 10m/32.8ft Speaker Wire/cable (Gray) Ah81-05323a For Samsung Surround Right Speaker

This 10m/32.8ft Speaker Wire/Cable (Gray) AH81-05323A is a replacement speaker cable for Samsung surround right speaker AH81-05323A. It is suitable for a range of Samsung surround right speaker models, including HT-BD1150 HT-BD1200 HT-BD1250 HT-BD1252 HT-BD1255 HT-BD2E HTBD1250S/XAX HT-C330 HT-C350 HT-C445N HT-C450 HT-C450N HT-C453 HT-C453N HT-C455 HT-C460 HT-C463 HT-C550 HT-C5200 HT-C5500 HT-C5550W HT-C5530W HT-C5900 HT-C6500 HT-C6600 HT-C6730W HT-C6930W HT-C550-XAC HT-D550 HT-D553 HT-D555 HT-D5300 HT-D5330 HT-D5500 HT-D5100/XU HT-E3500 HT-E4500 HT-E5330 HT-E5500 HT-E5500K HT-E5500W HT-E550/ZA HT-E5530 HT-E5400 HT-E5550 HT-ES6200 HT-ES6200/XU HT-E6730W HT-F4500 HT-F4550 HT-F5500 HT-F6500W HT-F5500/XU HT-F9730W HT-H4500 HT-H4500K HT-H5530 HT-H5500 HT-H5550 HT-H5550W HT-H7730WM HT-H7500WM HT-H7750WM HT-HM55 HT-H6500WM HT-H6530WM HT-H6550WM HT-J4500 HT-J4530 HT-J5150 HT-J5100K HT-J5530 HW-Q65T HT-J5530K HT-J5500 HT-J5500K HT-J5550K HT-J5550WK HT-J7500W HT-J7750W HT-J5500W HT-J5550W HT-TZ312 HT-TZ422 HT-TQ25 HT-TQ22 HT-TZ212 HT-TX250HT-TWZ312 HT-TWZ315 HT-THX25 HT-TZ215 HT-THX22 HT-TX35 HT-THQ25 HT-TZ222 HT-TZ225 HT-TZ315 HT-TZ322 HT-TZ325 HT-TZ425 HT-XA100 HT-XQ100 HT-X250 HT-X40 HT-X715 HT-X715T HT-X725 HT-XA100C HT-X30R HT-X40T HT-Z210 HT-Z210T HT-Z310 HT-Z312 HT-Z320 HT-Z220 HT-Z420 HT-P38 HT-WP38 SWA-4000 HT-Q20 HTX40T/XAA HTZ310TXAA and many more. This product comes with a 180 days service guarantee and friendly customer service. If you have any questions about this product, please do not hesitate to contact us.

8. Sony Dav Speaker Wire Cable Kit For Bdv-N590, Bdv-N790w, Bdv-N9200wl, Hdx475, Hdx576wf, Hdx589w, Hdx675, Hdx678wf, Hdx900w, Sb500w

This product is a set of six replacement speaker wire/cable connectors for Sony home theater surround sound speaker systems. These wires are compatible with various Sony Home Surround Sound Systems, such as BDV-N590 BDV-N790W BDV-N9200WL DAV-F200 DAV-F500 DAV-HDX475 DAV-HDX576WF DAV-HDX587WC DAV-HDX589W DAV-HDX675 DAV-HDX678WF DAV-HDX900W DAV-JZ8888K DAV-SB500W DAV-TZ130 DAV-TZ200 DAV-TZ210 DAV-TZ510 DAV-TZ710.

This replacement cable is specially designed by our engineers to perfectly replace the original one in terms of function. It has gone through rigorous testing to ensure that the plug and jack can perfectly match and the cable connectors won't come off easily. Therefore, when using these wires, you should align the audio hole first and then force the connector into the port.

The package includes one 3m cable, three 4m cables and two 10m cables. We are so confident in the quality of our product that we offer a 180 days unlimited warranty. If you encounter any problem, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you.

9. 14 Awg Speaker Wire (500ft White/black)

This InstallGear 14 Gauge AWG Speaker Wire is the perfect cable for car speakers, stereos, home theater speakers, surround sound, and radios. The 500 ft (152.4m) wire is made with 14 gauge wire and a rugged black jacket with a white polarity stripe to easily identify which wire is positive and which is negative. The conductor is made of copper clad aluminum, making it a durable and reliable wire.

The InstallGear Speaker Wire is designed to last, with its high-quality construction and superior materials. With the 500 ft of wire, you can easily run the wire from your audio source to any speaker with ease. The white polarity stripe also makes it easy to identify which wire is positive or negative, so you know you're connecting the right wires.

The InstallGear Speaker Wire is perfect for any car audio, home theater, or radio setup. It's flexible, easy to install, and provides a great connection for your audio system. The 14 gauge wire ensures a secure connection and superior sound quality, so you can enjoy your music or movies as they were meant to be enjoyed.

Whether you're setting up a car audio system, home theater, or radio, the InstallGear 14 Gauge AWG Speaker Wire is a must-have. With its 500 ft of wire, you can easily run it to any speaker, and the copper clad aluminum conductor ensures a reliable connection. The white polarity stripe makes it easy to identify the positive and negative wires, and the 14 gauge wire provides a great connection and superior sound quality. With the InstallGear Speaker Wire, you can enjoy your audio setup with ease.

Wires For Surround Sound Speakers FAQs

How do I connect speaker wire to my surround sound?

To connect speaker wire to your surround sound system, you will need to first identify the type of connectors on your speakers. Most speakers have either spring clips, banana plugs, or binding posts. Once you know the type of connectors on your speakers, you will need to identify which wire is the positive and negative. Positive is typically red and negative is typically black or white. With the correct wire and connectors determined, you can plug the speaker wire into the appropriate terminals on the back of your surround sound system. Depending on the type of speakers you have, you may need to use a screwdriver to tighten the connection. Once the connection is secure, you can test the sound quality to ensure the connection is successful.

What are the colors of surround sound wire?

Surround sound wire typically comes in two colors: black and red. The red wire is typically used for the right channel, while the black wire is used for the left channel. Because of this, it's important to make sure that the red wire is connected to the right speaker and the black wire to the left speaker. This will ensure that the sound is properly balanced between the two speakers. Additionally, some surround sound systems may use more than two colors of wire, such as green or white. In this case, it is important to refer to the manufacturer's instructions for proper wiring. It is also important to follow the color code of the speaker wires in order to avoid any sound distortion.

What is the best wire for home theater speakers?

The best wire for home theater speakers is typically a high-quality oxygen-free copper (OFC) or oxygen-free copper coated aluminum (OFCA). OFC and OFCA wires provide a low-loss signal path, ensuring that the signal is accurately transmitted from the amplifier to the speaker. Additionally, OFC and OFCA wires are more resistant to corrosion and oxidation, which can degrade the sound quality of the system over time. Furthermore, OFC and OFCA wires are larger in diameter and provide better protection against interference from other electrical devices. Finally, OFC and OFCA wires are designed to be flexible, making them easier to install in tight spaces.

What wire do I need for surround sound?

When wiring for a surround sound system, you will need speaker wire to connect the receiver to the speakers. The type of wire you need will depend on the distance between the receiver and the speakers. If the distance is short, such as in a smaller room, you can use 16 gauge wire. If the distance is long, such as in a large room, you may need 14 or 12 gauge wire. Be sure to check the wattage rating of the speakers you are using to ensure you get the right gauge wire. You may also need to use banana plugs to connect the wire to the speakers and the receiver. When selecting banana plugs, make sure they are compatible with the wire you are using and are rated for the wattage of the speakers. Additionally, you may need HDMI cables to connect the receiver and the TV, as well as any other media players.

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