10 to Spin | The Blind Eyes (Christmas Edition)

Happy Monday to all our music friends from across the land!

Today, we have a special 10 to Spin feature straight from Seth Porter of St. Louis’ The Blind Eyes, who will be performing at the annual New Year’s Eve Bash at Off Broadway with Middle Class Fashion. The show also features a wonderful “supergroup” set of cover songs, which featured Bob Seger’s “Night Moves” and Paul Simon’s “Graceland” in 2012. It was pretty hot.

$10 gets you in the door, and you can purchase tickets here.

As for right now, let’s celebrate the holidays with Seth Porter’s “Christmas in St. Louis” 10 to Spin playlist, which features a free download from The Blind Eyes!

1. Grace Basement “A Kiss For All the World”

Kevin Buckley is a hell of a songwriter with a hell of a band.

2. Chuck Berry “Run Rudolph Run”

Of course.

3. Cassie Morgan and the Lonely Pine “Fields of Snow”

A haunting little song with a great video to match. Reminds me of home.

4. Martha Bass “Christmas Love”

Fontella’s mom working it out. I think she was pretty old when this recording was made, but she gets rolling and sounds great. Cool guitar too.

5. Donny Hathaway “This Christmas”

Donny doesn’t get a lot of run as a St. Louisan, but he was raised in the projects here by his grandmother and went to Vashon high school. This is one of the few songs I hear and get excited for the trombone part.

6. Redd Foxx “The Christmas Song”

I keep waiting for the punchline, but it never comes. Just a gravely, sweet, version of this tune with the great Herb Ellis joining in on guitar.

7. Bob Dorough with Miles Davis Sextet “Blue Xmas”

This one is pretty salty. Should please any grumpy beatniks you have hanging around your Christmas party.

8. Bob Reuter “Christmas Song”

Bob with a creased-bill Cardinals hat, singing a sad song. About as St. Louis as it gets. He’ll be terribly missed.

9. Beth Bombara “Christmas Ain’t Comin”

I’ve always thought Christmas needed more theremin.

10. The Blind Eyes “Christmas AM Gold” (click to play; right-click to download)
Shameless self promotion!

BONUS TRACK: Judy Garland “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”

OK, I know Judy isn’t from St. Louis, but this song is from Meet Me In St. Louis, so I’m counting it. About as close perfect as a song gets. I used to live a couple of blocks from the supposed location of this house (5135 Kensington). The neighborhood looks a little different now.

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