10 to Spin | Ra Ra Riot (LouFest 2013 Edition)

Our LouFest 2013 preview coverage continues with a spotlight on Ra Ra Riot, a band who will playing the Forest Park Stage from 3:30 to 4:30 on Saturday (purchase tickets to the festival here).

It’s true: folks (and freaks) wanna dance at outdoor music festivals, so a Ra Ra Riot set makes sense in the afternoon. The proof lies in the band’s latest release, Beta Love. Let’s have a listen.

Your summer may be over, but technically, we’re still in season. And Ra Ra Riot vocalist Wes Miles has a 10 to Spin playlist to get us pumped for LouFest this weekend in St. Louis. He’s titled it “Super-happy-space-fun-time mix,” and here’s a few words on his picks:

“This summer I listened to mostly new-ish music. Some of these bands we had the pleasure of playing with (Solange) or seeing this year (UMO, Haim), and a few others I tried to see (Thundercat), or are friends bands (Saint Rich). The rest are songs that I just keep coming back to this summer and am still enjoying. Enjoy!”

(Note: In the Spotify list below, we couldn’t find Thundercat’s “For Love I Come.” So, in an effort to remain versatile, we provided a YouTube clip for that selection.)

Thundercat – For Love I Come

Subscribe to the Spotify playlist here. Or, just listen below.

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