The Best Songs of 2011 | 25 – 1

Well, friends, the end is no longer near. It’s here. The end of our Best Songs of 2011 countdown, that is. The real end comes next December, as we all know.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that Bon Iver landed the number one spot with the track, “Holocene.” But, amazingly, the song and the record itself is one that the four of us, each with, at times, quite divergent musical taste, can agree upon. It’s fitting that we found common ground in such beauty.

To listen to our entire list of 100 favorite songs from this year, visit us at Spotify. Stay tuned for our list of the Best Albums of 2011 coming Monday.

25 James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream [buy the album] [more Blake on Speakers]

24 Ha Ha Tonka – Lonely Fortunes [buy the album]

23 tUnE-yArDs – Powa [buy the album] [more tUnE-yArDs on Speakers]

22 The War On Drugs – Baby Missiles [buy the album] [more The War On Drugs on Speakers]

21 The Civil Wars – Poison and Wine [buy the album] [more The Civil Wars on Speakers]

20 Washed Out – Amor Fati [buy the album] [more Washed Out on Speakers]

19 Gary Clark, Jr. – Don’t Owe You a Thing [buy the album] [more Clark, Jr. on Speakers]

18 Toro y Moi – I Can Get Love [buy the album] [more Toro y Moi on Speakers]

17 Cotton Jones – Egg On a Sea [buy the album] [more Cotton Jones on Speakers]

16 Yuck – Get Away [buy the album] [more Yuck on Speakers]

15 Generationals – Ten-Twenty-Ten [buy the album] [more Generationals on Speakers]

14 Adele – Rolling in the Deep [buy the album] [more Adele on Speakers]

13 WU LYF – Dirt [buy the album] [more WU LYF on Speakers]

12 Jill Andrews – Sound of the Bells [buy the album] [more Andrews on Speakers]

11 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Jr. – Morning Thought [buy the album] [more Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. on Speakers]

10 M83 – Midnight City [buy the album] [more M83 on Speakers]

9 Youth Lagoon – Seventeen [buy the album] [more Youth Lagoon on Speakers]

8 The Head and the Heart – Rivers and Roads [buy the album] [more Head and the Heart on Speakers]

7 Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues [buy the album] [more Fleet Foxes on Speakers]

6 Active Child – Playing House [buy the album] [more Active Child on Speakers]

5 Cults – You Know What I Mean [buy the album] [more Cults on Speakers]

4 Smith Westerns – End of the Night [buy the album] [more Smith Westerns on Speakers]

3 Wilco – One Sunday Morning (Song for Jane Smiley’s Boyfriend) [buy the album] [more Wilco on Speakers]

2 Ryan Adams – Dirty Rain [buy the album] [more Adams on Speakers]

1 Bon Iver – Holocene [buy the album] [more Bon Iver on Speakers]

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