Cars And History Turn To Rust: An Evening With Matthew Ryan in St. Louis


I had to let it go
I had to let it slip
Funny how it all works out
Once you’ve given up on it

I hadn’t hosted a house show in over four years because, mainly, I lost my house. Well, I suppose I didn’t lose my house — I’m thinking of Kevin Spacey in American Beauty here — it’s not just like I woke up and said, “whoops, where did my house go?” But things change, people change, and circumstances move you in different directions.

One of the constants in my life has been Matthew Ryan’s music, and how it’s lifted me up in every situation where I wanted to give up. It was an honor to host an evening of acoustic music in my apartment where his guitar sang while his words floated effortlessly through the air and captured hearts. There were plenty of smiles and stories, and I’ll remember it forever.

Thank you, everyone. I love you all.

Please enjoy these photos by Tim Bottchen, who generously lent his talents on this special evening. You can find his other brilliant work at


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