Jam of the Day | California Wives – Tokyo

New wave. Indie pop. Shoe gaze. Those are the mixins’ for a delicious sound.

California Wives is a band that continues to explore the ways these ingredients intertwine. And, I continue to anxiously await the debut LP, drooling like Pavlov’s dog each and every time the Chicago outfit releases another single. 

No album just yet, but luckily, we have another teaser to tide us over until it comes out later this year.

“Tokyo,” the new single from the band, is one that didn’t quite fit onto the previously released 2010 EP, Affair, or on the forthcoming album. However, CW generously offers up this track (the third in the last six months or so) on its own so that music fans can help themselves yet again to the band’s tasty smorgasbord o’ songs. (We’ve previously featured “Blood Red Youth” and “Purple” on the blog.)

California Wives – Tokyo

Eat up!

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