Concert Photos | The Cribs at Motorco in Durham, NC

All Photos by Aggie Donkar

“We had planned to not rock, but really, we fucking rock.” – Gary Jarman

The way I see it, you have two choices when walking out on stage to greet a crowd of around 50 people standing in a room that holds a few hundred.  The first is to let your ego take over, and dial in a performance that simply gets you through the next hour and a half of your life.  Or, you can close your eyes, conjure images of the best show you ever played, and blow those collective 100 socks right off the cool people who decided to come to your show.

On Friday night, The Cribs chose option two without so much as a second thought.  Sure, they joked about having to wait to speak over the deafening crowd noise, but if you were just inches from the stage like we were, there was simply no feeling that the open space behind was ample. True to form, The Cribs brought every bit of British punk-swagger we expected to Motorco Music Hall, leaving us tired, and our ears ringing.

 Check out the pictures our own Aggie Donkar snapped below. And even more on her Flickr page.

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