Concert Photos + Words | Lord Huron + Escondido at Off Broadway in St. Louis

Ben Schneider of Lord Huron | All photos by Tim Bottchen

Take your time, let the rivers guide you in
You know where you can find me again
I’ll be waiting here ’til the stars fall out of the sky

Speakers in Code was proud to welcome Lord Huron + Escondido to Off Broadway this past Tuesday for a sold-out and sweaty good time.

The heat didn’t keep Tyler James and Jessica Maros of Escondido from dressing up the part; I’m sure you’ll understand from the photos below. The highlights from their 40-minute set were “Black Roses,” a former SIC Jam of the Day, and “Cold October,” which we posted back in April in our interview with James and Maros. Keep an eye on them, and buy their album, The Ghost of Escondido.

Lord Huron’s set was captivating. Songs from 2012’s Lonesome Dreams were masterfully guided by the presence of lead singer Ben Schneider, who knows a thing or two about the importance of pacing during a live performance. I could tell you every detail, but let’s stick with the basics: if you haven’t heard “She Lit a Fire,” “Time To Run,” “The Man Who Lives Forever,” or “In The Wind” — all of which were performed — you might be doing it wrong.

Please enjoy Tim Bottchen’s wonderful photos of the show, and visit his site here.


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