Interview + Concert Preview | The Wild Feathers at The Old Rock House Tonight in St. Louis

Photo by Frank Maddocks

Nashville’s The Wild Feathers are back in St. Louis tonight at The Old Rock House (Doors 7PM, Show 8PM / $12). Their self-titled debut album was one of our 50 Best Albums of the Year in 2013; let’s have a listen to its single, “The Ceiling.”

We recently caught up with drummer Ben Dumas over email.

First off, tell us about meeting Neil Young at SXSW, and please share your thoughts on the Pono player.

We are all huge Neil Young fans. You could even say I am borderline obsessed with him. So getting to meet him at SXSW was a dream come true. He was really friendly and actually kind of silly and quirky. He let us listen to some songs on the Pono and I have to say it sounded amazing. The sound quality was definitely richer to my ears. That being said… I’m not sure if I’d rush out and buy one. But, then again, it is Neil’s pet project and I have everything he has ever done so I’ll probably end up getting one.

You just played Bonnaroo and Firefly. Describe your days at those festivals.

Bonnaroo and Firefly. Wow. Amazing days. Bonnaroo might have been the funnest show I’ve ever played. We were really busy those days, playing the shows, doing a lot of press and radio interviews. But once we were done with work the party started for sure. Got to see some fun shows. Jack White, Beck, Cage The Elephant, Jamestown Revival, and Outkast. Too much fun.

The song that always gets me from your debut album is “Tall Boots.” Something about the chorus and melody is perfect. Do you remember anything special about writing and recording that one?

Thanks! We are really proud of “Tall Boots” and fans tend to react to it live really well. All I can say about that song is it came from a dark place at a dark time.

Finally, you’re playing The Old Rock House in St. Louis on July 2nd. You played the same venue last year, and you also opened for Ryan Bingham at The Pageant last year. Anything you remember about those shows and/or your time in St. Louis?

The first time we played with Ryan Bingham we all felt like we had a bad show and the crowd was very meager. But we went back to St. Louis last summer and headlined at The Old Rock House and the crowd was awesome! A lot of folks ready to get down. We are really excited to get back to St. Louis and have an even better show this time so we will see y’all there!

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