Forecastle Festival | Our 15 Most Anticipated Sets of the Weekend (7/18-7/20)

Tomorrow we’re hitting the road to Louisville, Kentucky to cover Forecastle, a three-day music festival taking place on 85-acre Waterfront Park. The lineup, as you might have seen, is terrific and deep, led by headliners OutKast, Jack White, and Beck. The festival also features a Bourbon Lodge, Kentucky Landing featuring craft beer, and is augmented by several late-night shows.

Ticket options for Forecastle are still available in three-day general admission passes or one-day general admission passes. You can purchase yours here.

For our preview of the festival, we’ve chosen to highlight 15 bands/artists who aren’t headlining Forecastle. Let’s get to it.

St. Lucia // Friday, 4:45-5:45, Ocean Stage
Because synths are a good way to begin. And because of “Elevate.”

Gary Clark Jr. // Friday, 5:00-6:15, Mast Stage
The guitarist from Austin, Texas released Blak and Blu in 2012, and has been constantly on the road for what seems to be the last decade. Wait, it has been the last decade. One of the best live guitarists we’ve ever seen, and there should be multiple billboards near busy highways acknowledging his talent.

Local Natives // Friday, 5:45-7:00, Boom Stage
Our favorite song by the Los Angeles-based band changes constantly, but for now, it’s “Heavy Feet.” By tomorrow, it could be “Wide Eyes.” They can be happy or sad, it really doesn’t matter: it’s never boring.

Jill Andrews // Saturday, 2:15-2:45, WFPK Port Stage
It’s been three years since her debut full-length, The Mirror, but if last year’s “Rust or Gold” is any hint at what her soon-to-be-released follow-up brings, well, her Forecastle set could be a revelation. And we must find out.

Goodbye June // Saturday, 3:00-3:30, WFPK Port Stage
The rock band from Nashville has a new album coming out soon, but for now, we’ll just enjoy “Daisy.” Should be a good match with afternoon sun.

Spanish Gold // Saturday, 3:30-4:30, Mast Stage
The trio features drummer Patrick Hallahan (My Morning Jacket), guitarist Adrian Quesada (formerly of Grupo Fantasma) and guitarist and lead vocalist Dante Schwebel (City and Colour, formerly of Hacienda). So, we have some talent here. And when talent and festivals collide…

Lord Huron // Saturday, 4:15-5:15, Boom Stage
They had our favorite album of 2012, if you remember. It was because of songs like “She Lit A Fire.”

Jason Isbell // Saturday, 6:00-7:15, Boom Stage
Isbell’s Southeastern was our favorite album of 2013, and he was simply fantastic when we saw him in February. “Cover Me Up,” “Flying Over Water,” “Traveling Alone,” “Relatively Easy,” and “Stockholm” all hit hard, but “Elephant” leaves the most damage.

Johnnyswim // Saturday, 7:00-8:00, WFPK Port Stage
They released Diamonds in 2014, and we still can’t get enough of “Falling For Me.”

Band of Horses // Saturday, 7:00-8:30, Mast Stage
Their Acoustic at The Ryman LP brought old songs back to the light, including the timeless “No One’s Gonna Love You.”

Matrimony // Sunday, 1:30-2:15, Mast Stage
You don’t write a song and call it “Giant” without it being one of the year’s best. And that it is.

Lucius // Sunday, 2:45-3:30, Mast Stage
There’s a reason why everyone loves Lucius. Well, there are probably many reasons. But one of those should be because of their live show, which is doesn’t take a breath to wonder if it’s any good. It just is.

Sharon Van Etten // Sunday, 3:15-4:15, Boom Stage
I’m not exactly sure how Sharon Van Etten will pull off “Your Love Is Killing Me,” “Tarifa,” and/or “Afraid of Nothing” under the sun in a festival setting, but dammit, that’s why we go to these things.

Jenny Lewis // Sunday, 6:00-7:00, Mast Stage
Her new song is called “Just One Of The Guys,” and it’s pretty awesome when she sings, “I’m just another lady without a baby.”

Hayes Carll // Sunday, 8:30-9:30, WFPK Port Stage
BECAUSE WHO DOESN’T LOVE “A BAD LIVER AND A BROKEN HEART?” That should be its own festival.

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