Forecastle Festival: Our Most Anticipated Sets of the Weekend

The Ohio River flows alongside the Forecastle Festival in Louisville | Photo by Jason Gonulsen

It’s time for another trip to Louisville, which for me means it’s time once again for another Forecastle Festival. Besides all of the great music on hand, one of the listed “activities” is a Bourbon Lodge. Yeah, you could say they know what they’re doing down in Kentucky.

Here are the most anticipated sets we’re looking forward to this weekend. 

HOUNDMOUTH (Friday, 8:30, Boom Stage)

Coming off one of this year’s best albums, Little Neon Limelight, I’m anxious to hear these new songs live as I missed their recent stop in St. Louis. “Sedona” should be a perfect festival song. The last time I saw them, they closed with Dylan’s “I Shall Be Released,” and their set list was written on a nude mannequin.

MY MORNING JACKET (Saturday, 9:15, Mast Stage)

I haven’t seen them in almost three years, although I did see Jim James do his terrific solo thing at LouFest in the fall of 2013. As all of you probably know, MMJ originates from Louisville, so expect something special on Saturday night. And pick up a copy of their latest, The Waterfall.

THE LONE BELLOW (Sunday, 4:00, Boom Stage)

Their latest album, Then Came The Morning, has many great tracks, but I love “Marietta” the best. They’re one of those bands that people rave about live, yet I’ve never seen them. So it’s time to fix that.

NOAH GUNDERSON (Sunday, 1:15, Boom Stage)

I’m not exactly sure how he will pull off his (mostly) quiet songs in a festival setting. But he did put out my favorite album of 2014 (Ledges), and he does have an early Sunday afternoon set. So maybe the planets and stars and all those things have aligned. We shall see.

TWEEDY (Sunday, 4:45, Mast Stage)

There haven’t been too many Tweedy shows this year as Wilco keeps extending its 20th Anniversary Tour across the nation. Tweedy’s Sukierae (2014) gets better every time I spin it — especially “Low Key” and “Nobody Dies Anymore.”  Should be a nice Sunday afternoon set.

ZZ WARD (Friday, 3:45, Mast Stage)

She’s finally released a new song, “LOVE 3X,” and it’s the same ZZ Ward you love. And if you’ve never seen her live, don’t leave until she plays “Blue Eyes Blind.” (Hint: she usually plays it last.)

THE WAR ON DRUGS (Saturday, 7:00, Mast Stage)

I’ve heard mixed things about the live show, but there is unanimous love for 2014’s Lost in the Dream. I doubt they do slow jams, but I would kill to hear “In Reverse” live. You all can take a nap.

FIRST AID KIT (Sunday, 3:00, Mast Stage)

Another band I keep missing. And that is why I love music festivals: everyone keeps worrying about headliners, but all I see are bands waiting in the wings like First Aid Kit. 

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