Concert Preview | The 10 Best Grace Potter & The Nocturnals Songs

Photo by Chris Lay

The last time we talked with Grace Potter, she was gearing up for the summer festival circuit and basically living up to her name as one of the best interviews ever.

We’re super lucky to have her and the Nocturnals back in St. Louis at The Pageant on Thursday, and we’re stoked to hear tracks from The Lion The Beast The Beat, one of our favorite albums of 2012. And sure, Potter was just here last month, but that was a (mostly) solo performance. On Thursday, we’ll get the full experience, and it just happens to be the first stop on Potter & the Nocs’ tour in 2013.

Here’s a Spotify list to help you get ready for the raw and rockin’ performance.

10. “One Heart Missing”

I’m holding all the cards, there’s only one.” Think about that.

9. “Paris (Ooh La La)”

If I was a man I’d make my move.” Noted. 

8. “The Divide”

And if I don’t go, how will I ever know/ What’s on the other side?” I need this to be played as I enter bars, preferably coming from a boom box above my head. 

7. “Things I Never Needed”

I’m the only one who’s bleeding for the things I never needed.” Why do we want the ones who don’t love us back? 

6. “Stars”

“I lit a fire with the love you left behind.” Shit, cue up the boom box, I ain’t done yet. 

5. “Nothing But The Water (I)”

She sounded so innocent back in the day, no? 

4. “Ragged Company”

“When I’m blaming everybody else, and no one’s coming clean.” She played this last time at The Pageant. 

3. “Ah Mary”

She’ll bake you cookies then she’ll burn your town.” Chocolate chip, no nuts. Thanks. 

2. “The Lion The Beast The Beat”

Was there a better rock song in 2012? No, there was not. 

1. “Apologies”

“And now it’s too late for a soliloquy.” Couldn’t have said it better, Grace.

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