Guitar Center Dj Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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Guitar Center DJ speakers are an essential part of any DJ setup. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional DJ, having quality speakers is essential for a great sounding set. There are a few key points to consider when looking for the right speakers for your needs.

First, consider the size and power of the speakers. If you’re a mobile DJ, you’ll want to make sure you get speakers that are small and lightweight enough to easily transport. If you’re a club DJ, you’ll want to get speakers with enough power to fill the room.

Second, consider the sound quality. Most speakers at Guitar Center have been tested for sound quality and are rated for low and high frequencies. Make sure you listen to the speakers before you buy to make sure they sound good to you.

Third, consider the connections. Make sure the speakers you buy have the right connections for your setup. If you’re using a mixer, make sure the speakers have the right inputs and outputs.

Fourth, consider the price. While you want to get quality speakers, you don’t want to break the bank. Look for speakers that are within your budget, but still offer great sound quality.

Finally, consider the warranty. Make sure the speakers you buy come with a warranty in case something goes wrong.

By keeping these five points in mind, you can make sure you find the right speakers for your needs at Guitar Center. With a wide selection of speakers, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your setup.

10 Best Selling Guitar Center Dj Speakers

1. Guitar Cable 10ft, 1/4" Male-Male, Right Angle, Tweed, Noiseless

This UVOOI Guitar Cable is the perfect choice for any musician looking for a reliable and durable instrument cable. It features a compact design, with a lighter structure and thinner cable diameter for increased portability. The stylish black and gold color matching is perfect for any color matching music equipment.

The cable has been designed to provide high-stable performance and HIFI original sound. It uses PVC insulation with high density stranded copper double shielding and a copper center conductor for excellent oxidation resistance, electrical conductivity and stable signal transmission. This ensures minimal signal loss transmission and provides you with delicate and uninterfered music.

The instrument cable is also durable and reliable. It uses special internal rubber to prevent core vibration and gold-plated connectors to reduce the loss of multiple inserts. The external high-density cotton network cable body structure is resistant to abrasion, scratch and pull. It is also flexible, with premium cotton braided jacket and smaller wire diameters. Despite multiple layers of shielding and insulation to maximize noise isolation, the construction of the cable is still very flexible, does not knot and is easy to roll up at the end of the show. It comes with reusable Velcro bindings that keep it neat and tight when not in use.

The UVOOI Guitar Cable is compatible with a wide range of music equipment and instruments, including mixers, amps, power amplifiers, microphones, effectors, decoders, equalizers, pedals, electronic organs, electric guitars, electric basses, keyboards, electric mandolins and other electronic instruments with an interface of 6.35mm diameter. It can be used in smart home installations, karaoke speakers, professional stage audio and more.

This UVOOI Guitar Cable is the perfect choice for any musician looking for a reliable and durable instrument cable. With its lightweight and flexible design, high-stable performance and HIFI original sound, durability and reliability, and wide compatibility, it is the perfect choice for any musician looking for a great sounding, reliable cable.

2. 2.4ghz Wireless Iem System For Musicians, Djs, Drummers, Rehearsal, Studio.

This KIMAFUN 2.4G Wireless in Ear Monitor System is the perfect audio monitoring for your personal stage or team stage. It adopts 2.4G wireless transmission, which is allowed to be used free worldwide and provides great signal stability, anti-interference, and short audio delay. The wireless system comes with a transmitter and a receiver. It can switch between built-in 6 channels to prevent possible interference from other devices, and the transmitter and receiver have the remaining battery indicator to ensure that you can estimate how long they can be used.

The system also comes with ergonomically shaped 45-degree angle in ear earbuds that provide comfortable and secure fit for better soundproofing and prolonged use. Both cables offer a form-fitting cord to go over the back of your ears. These earphones are enhanced with bass, mids, and treble that are extremely rich and energetic. It also has excellent noise reduction ability, making it suitable for stage performance and recording studio monitoring.

The transmitter has a 1/8" three-pole plug, which is suitable for most electric guitar amplifiers and cameras. It also comes with a mono 1/4" adapter and a stereo 1/4" adapter for most stage speakers, outdoor speakers, recording studios, etc. The system can also be used for synchronization between different speakers with the receiving cable.

This KIMAFUN 2.4G Wireless in Ear Monitor System is the best choice for monitoring on stage performance, band rehearsal, recording studio, live performance, camera record and more. It also comes with a 30 days no reason return and one year warranty. If you have any questions, you can contact the seller directly or send an email to the after-sales service email listed in the manual.

3. Guitar Cable 10 Ft, 1/4" Instrument Noise-Free & Super Durable

Heams Professional 10 FT Guitar Cable, 1/4 Inch Instrument Cable is a noise-free, super durable cable designed to provide superior sound quality. Featuring 64 OFC cores and multilayer shielding technology, this guitar cable eliminates cable noise and ensures clarity of sound. The upgraded design of the protective case and rotatable removable protective sleeve make the cable extra stable and durable.

This 10 FT Guitar Cable is suitable for all 1/4 Inch interfaces, such as electric guitar, electric bass, microphone, speakers, amplifier, mixing console, equalizer, electronic piano, and electronic drum. Its flexible tweed cloth jacket keeps it angle-free, so there’s no worry of cable twine during use.

To make it even more convenient and cost-effective, Heams Professional 10 FT Guitar Cable, 1/4 Inch Instrument Cable comes with 9 PCS Guitar Picks for Different Thickness (0.46mm, 0.71mm, 0.96mm) at no extra cost.

Heams Professional 10 FT Guitar Cable, 1/4 Inch Instrument Cable is an ideal choice for musicians and sound engineers looking for higher sound quality, durability, and convenience. It is designed to provide a reliable and professional connection for your instrument and audio equipment. With its advanced technology and superior design, it is sure to help you make the most out of your music.

4. 9v 2a Ac Adapter Power Supply With 11 Dc Plugs

This 9V 2A AC Adapter Power Supply Charger is the perfect solution for powering a range of electronic equipment. It offers a regulated switching power output of 9 volts and 2 amps, with an input of 100V-240V 50/60Hz. An extra length of 6 feet (180cm) allows for flexibility in use. It has an intelligent identification output that is compatible with 0.1A~2A 100mA~2000mA equipment.

The adapter is equipped with 11 interchangeable DC plugs that are suitable for devices with a current of 300mA 400mA 500mA 600mA 700mA 800mA 900mA 1000mA 1500mA 2000mA. It is also equipped with built-in safety mechanisms such as short circuit, over current, over voltage, and over temperature protection.

This 9V 2A AC Adapter Power Supply Charger is suitable for a wide range of applications and is suitable for use with a range of electronic equipment. It is easy to install and use and comes with lifetime friendly customer service and reliable after-sales support. It is a reliable and safe choice for powering your electronic equipment.

5. 1/4" Ts Jumbo Plug Solder Type (4 Pack) For Guitar, Instrument, Speaker/mic Cables

This Ancable 4-Pack Audio 1/4" Plugs TS Jumbo Plugs Solder Type for Guitar, Instrument, Speaker/Microphone/Patch Cables – 6.35mm Male 1/4 Inch Phone Plug is the perfect solution for connecting your audio equipment. This plug is a 6.35mm male plug headphone audio connector, making it ideal for a variety of applications including home audio, KTV, and other places where audio devices are used.

Each plug is made with all-metal construction, making it a durable and reliable connection, and requires soldering for installation. This package includes four of these plugs, meaning you can easily upfit your audio equipment.

These plugs are designed to be used with guitar, instrument, speaker/microphone/patch cables and are compatible with 1/4" devices. The 6.35mm male plug is great for connecting your audio equipment and maintaining a durable and reliable connection.

The Ancable 4-Pack Audio 1/4" Plugs TS Jumbo Plugs Solder Type for Guitar, Instrument, Speaker/Microphone/Patch Cables – 6.35mm Male 1/4 Inch Phone Plug is perfect for ensuring that you have the best audio connection for your equipment. With all-metal construction and easy installation, this package is an essential for any audio enthusiast.

6. 25ft Xlr To 1/4" Trs Audio Cable, Gold Plated, Balanced.

This DREMAKE 25 FT 6.35 mm 1/4 Inch TRS Male to XLR Male Audio Stereo Mic Cable is an ideal choice for professional studio recordings, live performances and other audio-related activities. It features durable connectors with a black metal housing, zinc alloy metal shell protection, and a flexible PVC jacket to prevent twisting, kinking and tangling.

The cable is equipped with a corrosion-resistant gold plated 1/4 inch (6.35mm) TRS balanced mono connector and a high-quality conductor to ensure a seamless transmission of audio for tone, while handling noise and interference. This cable is compatible with a variety of devices, such as microphones, audio sound consoles, power amplifiers, and stereo systems.

This cable is designed to provide premium sound quality and durability, making it a great choice for musicians, audio engineers, DJs, and other professionals. It is also lightweight and easy to carry, making it a great choice for on-site performances. With its 25-foot length, this cable provides the perfect amount of flexibility for your setup.

Whether you're recording in the studio or performing live, the DREMAKE 25 FT 6.35 mm 1/4 Inch TRS Male to XLR Male Audio Stereo Mic Cable is a reliable and high-quality cable that you can rely on to provide premium sound quality. With its gold plated connectors, heavy-duty shell, and flexible PVC jacket, it's a great choice for professional use.

7. D'addario Celluloid Guitar Picks, 10-Pack, Medium, Assorted

The D'Addario Celluloid Guitar Picks are the perfect guitar accessories for any guitarist. These picks are medium gauge (70mm) and work well for both strumming and articulate picking. They are made from premium quality celluloid that provides a natural feel and a warm, fat tone. With its standard shape, these picks are comfortable to play. The D'Addario pick packaging is designed for minimal waste and environmental impact, and each package contains 10 picks.

These picks make great gifts for any guitar player, regardless of their skill level. They can be used for acoustic, electric and bass guitars. They are perfect for any occasion, such as birthdays, Christmas, or just to show your appreciation for a friend or family member.

For those who want to upgrade their guitar playing, these picks are a great choice. They provide a natural feel and warm tone, making them very comfortable to use. They also produce a clear sound that is great for strumming and picking.

D'Addario Celluloid guitar picks are the perfect choice for any guitarist. They provide a comfortable playing experience and a warm tone that will bring out the best in any musician. With its minimal waste packaging, these picks are a great choice for any guitar player.

8. 120pc Cable Ties, Black, 6" Wire Straps, Cable Management.

This product is a great solution for organizing electronic accessories and cords in home and office settings. Reusable Cable Ties Black 120PCS Cable Management Cord Organizer 6 Inch Wire Straps is perfect for data centers, USB desk electronics, and more. The cable ties come in a set of 120 pcs, which is more than enough for home and office use.

These electrical cable ties feature a convenient hook and loop design, which allows for easy adjustment. The cable wrap opens and closes quickly and easily with minimal effort. Furthermore, the cable ties are made from high-quality microfiber cloth, making them durable and long-lasting.

The cable ties are ideal for organizing a variety of cords and cables, such as computer cords, audio cables, TV cords, electronics cords, PC cords, charger cords, headset wires, phone charge cord, laptop charge cord, lamp cords and more. The cable ties are comfortable to use and save you time and energy in organizing your cords and cables.

We understand the importance of customer satisfaction and promise to take care of any problem that may arise. If you are not happy with your purchase, you can receive a full refund. Buy with confidence!

9. 120pcs Cable Ties, 6" Reusable Wire Straps, 5 Colors, Organizer For Home/office/data Centers.

These Cable Ties Reusable 120PCS Cable Management Cord Organizer 6 Inch Wire Straps are a must-have for home and office use. Ideal for organizing cords and wires, these cable ties are made from high quality microfiber cloth, ensuring long-term durability.

The cable wrap opens and closes easily and quickly with a hook and loop design, making it extremely easy to use. These electrical cable ties can be used to organize computer cords, audio cables, TV cords, electronics cords, PC cords, Charger cords, headset wires, phone charge cord, laptop charge cord, lamp cords, etc.

A great value, the package includes 120PCS, enough for your home and office needs. Furthermore, it also comes in 5 colors, so you can mix and match to suit your style.

If you are not satisfied with the product, we offer a full refund with no questions asked. So, you can purchase with confidence. Get your Cable Ties Reusable 120PCS Cable Management Cord Organizer 6 Inch Wire Straps now and say goodbye to messy cords!

10. Seismic Audio Sastsx-6blue-6pk 6-Feet Ts 1/4-Inch Guitar, Instrument, Or Patch Cable, Blue

The Seismic Audio SASTSX-6Blue-6PK is a set of six 6-feet long TS 1/4-Inch guitar, instrument, or patch cables. These cables are made with heavy duty flexible rubber jackets and shielded cables for maximum durability and sound quality. Each of the cables feature a 1/4" TS Male to 1/4" TS Male connection, allowing them to be used with a wide range of musical instruments and equipment. These cables are perfect for recording studios, live sound, and stage applications.

The Seismic Audio SASTSX-6Blue-6PK cables are designed to provide superior sound quality and reliable performance. The heavy duty flexible rubber jackets protect against wear and tear, while the shielded cables reject EMI and RFI interference. The cables provide a tight and secure connection, and they are flexibly designed to provide maximum performance in any setting.

The Seismic Audio SASTSX-6Blue-6PK cables are a great choice for any musician, sound engineer, or producer. Their reliable performance and superior sound quality make them a must-have for any studio or live performance. And with their one-year warranty, you can rest assured that your purchase is protected.

For professional quality sound and reliable performance, the Seismic Audio SASTSX-6Blue-6PK is the perfect choice. With their heavy duty flexible rubber jackets and shielded cables, these cables provide maximum durability and sound quality in any setting. Whether you’re in the recording studio or on the stage, these cables will provide the performance you need.

Guitar Center Dj Speakers FAQs

What are good speakers to start a DJ cheap but good?

A good place to start when looking for an affordable, yet good quality speaker setup for a DJ is the Behringer Eurolive B212XL. This speaker offers a powerful 1000-watt peak power, 125 dB dynamic range, and a frequency response of 45Hz – 18kHz. Additionally, it features a 2-way system with a 12" long-excursion low-frequency driver and a 1.75" high-frequency driver. This durable and lightweight speaker also comes with a built-in overload protection and a power switch. Another great option is the Mackie Thump15A. This speaker features a 15" high-output woofer and a 1.4" titanium dome compression driver, providing a powerful 1300-watt peak power. It also has a frequency response of 50Hz – 20kHz and a dynamic range of 130 dB. Additionally, the Thump15A is lightweight, portable, and comes with a built-in overload protection and power switch. Both of these speakers provide great sound quality and power for a DJ, and at an affordable price.

What power speakers do I need for DJ?

For DJing, you will need power speakers that can provide a high level of audio output while also being able to handle a wide range of frequencies. The power speakers you choose should be able to handle the entire frequency range of a DJ set, from low bass tones to high-pitched vocals. Ideally, the power speakers should have a high wattage, allowing for maximum power output. You should also look for power speakers that have multiple input options for connecting to a DJ console, as well as an integrated amplifier for added power output. Finally, it is important to choose power speakers that are durable enough to withstand the rigors of a DJ performance and that are able to produce a clear and clean sound.

Which speaker is best for DJ?

The best speaker for DJing depends on several factors, including the size and type of venue, the type of music being played, and the DJ's budget. For small venues or house parties, a powered speaker with decent low end and a balanced frequency response is ideal. For larger venues such as nightclubs, a powered subwoofer with a top-quality full-range speaker system is the best option. If you are playing a lot of bass-heavy music, a powered subwoofer is essential. For portability, active speakers with built-in amplifiers are the way to go. If budget is not a concern, look for high-end speakers with multiple drivers for the best sound. There are many great DJ speakers on the market, so it is important to consider your needs before making a purchase.

Why is there a shortage of DJ equipment?

The DJ equipment shortage has been caused by a combination of factors. Firstly, the surge in popularity of DJing as an art form over the past few years has led to a huge increase in demand for DJ equipment. This, combined with the limited production capabilities of many of the major manufacturers, has caused a severe shortage of DJ equipment. Additionally, the pandemic has further exacerbated the situation due to the disruption of international supply chains. The economic downturn has also led to a decrease in the production of DJ equipment, as manufacturers become increasingly cautious about investing in new products. Finally, the increasing cost of components, such as digital audio interfaces, has contributed to the shortage. As a result of these factors, the cost of DJ equipment has risen significantly, making it more difficult for amateur DJs to access the gear they need.

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