Guitar Center Pa Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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When looking for PA speakers at Guitar Center, there are a few key points to consider. Firstly, you need to consider the size of the speaker and where it will be used. Depending on the size of the room you’ll be using the speaker in, you’ll need to decide if you need a larger or smaller speaker. Secondly, consider the sound quality. Look for speakers that have good sound clarity and a wide range of frequency response. Thirdly, consider the speaker’s power rating. If you plan to use the speaker for larger venues, you’ll need to ensure that the speaker can handle the wattage. Fourthly, consider the connectivity options. Look for speakers with multiple inputs and outputs so that you can easily connect them to other devices. Lastly, consider the price. You want to make sure you’re getting a quality product at a reasonable price.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for PA speakers at Guitar Center, consider the size of the speaker, sound quality, power rating, connectivity options, and price. By following these key points, you’ll be able to find the perfect speaker for your needs.

10 Best Selling Guitar Center Pa Speakers

1. D'addario Classic Series 10ft 1/4" Male To Male Speaker Cable, Molded Plugs, Shielded Ends.

D'Addario's Classic Series Speaker Cable with molded plugs and shielded ends provides crystal-clear sound and reliable performance. It features their exclusive In=Out Technology which combines low capacitance and top-quality construction for maximum signal transparency and long-lasting durability. The two layers of shielding reject noise and ensure quiet operation. The cable's molded plugs offer protection and strain relief, while the 1/4 inch male to 1/4 inch male straight ends offer a secure connection. This 10-foot/3.05 meters cable is the perfect choice for all your audio needs.

For over 20 years, D’Addario Accessories (formerly Planet Waves) has been the industry leader in innovative and problem-solving products for musicians worldwide. Their products are proudly made in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to the most stringent quality controls in the industry. With D’Addario's Classic Series Speaker Cable, you can be sure of excellent sound quality and reliable performance.

2. Alphasonik 10" Powered 1600w Pro Dj Speaker System With Bluetooth, Usb, Sd, Aux, Mp3, Fm, Pa, Led, Karaoke And Mic.

Alphasonik’s AKDJ105BTS 10” 1600 Watt Amplified Pro DJ ALPHABASS Speaker System is the perfect choice for any professional DJ. This special edition DJ speaker stand includes everything you need to produce amazing sound. With a power handling of 1600 watts, this speaker system has built-in Bluetooth audio streaming, USB/SD Card/ Aux Inputs (USB & SD up to 32GB compatible), a built-in FM radio, MP3 player, and a digital LED screen with full controls. You can also use the multi-directional high quality microphone and cable included for direct karaoke compatibility.

If you’re a guitarist, this is the perfect system for you. You can plug any electric guitar into it and you’re ready to rock. It also features a black painted heatsink for faster heat dissipation, dual sided air ports design for optimal sound quality, ALPHAQ bass and treble equalizer, and a white LED ring on the woofer surround with an on/off switch. There are also 1 XLR balanced digital audio input, 1 banana plug (1/4") and 1 RCA audio inputs, and 1 XLR balanced digital audio output.

The 40oz. HQ Graphite Y-30 Magnet, 2” Kapton 2-Layer Copper Voice Coil, and high compression 1” titanium driver with horn tweeter create a powerful and clear sound. The ALPHATOUGH cabinet is made of durable and rugged material, so it can handle the rigors of the road. The rugged protective cabinet grill and LED indicators (white LED for power, orange LED for clipping) also make this a great choice. The frequency response is 44Hz – 17kHz and the sensitivity is 94dB with an impedance of 8 OHM. The operation voltage is switchable 110-240 Volts. With all these features, Alphasonik’s AKDJ105BTS 10” 1600 Watt Amplified Pro DJ ALPHABASS Speaker System is sure to provide the best sound for any professional.

3. Music Bp60d 120w Battery-Powered Acoustic Amp W/ Bluetooth Speaker, Reverb/chorus/delay, 7 Inputs

The Coolmusic BP60D 120W Battery Powered Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a great choice for any musician who needs a powerful and convenient amplifier. It features seven inputs, including four musical instrument inputs and three auxiliary inputs, making it ideal for a small band. It can connect two instruments, such as a guitar, piano, or keyboard, as well as two microphones and two mobile phones or computers at the same time. Additionally, it features two independent EQ effects adjustments, allowing users to boost or attenuate the low, mid, and high frequencies.

The amplifier also delivers a powerful sound, with a 120-watt continuous power amplifier and two 8-inch woofers and two 2-inch tweeters. It also has Bluetooth capability, providing wireless connection options, phone input, CD/MP3 input, and USB plugin. The master control, headphone input, and DI output make it even more convenient and useful.

The BP60D is also rechargeable. It can run up to 6-8 hours after a five-hour charge, depending on the volume used. It can also be connected directly to electricity. Finally, the microphone 1 interface is designed with 48V phantom power, making it compatible for both condenser and dynamic microphones.

The Coolmusic BP60D 120W Battery Powered Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a great choice for any musician who needs a powerful and portable amplifier. With its seven inputs, 120-watt power, Bluetooth capability, rechargeable battery, and condenser microphone switch, it is sure to meet your needs.

4. Geyguy Gtsk8-2 Portable Bluetooth Pa Speaker System W/wireless Uhf Mic, Rechargeable Karaoke, 8" Subwoofer, Led, Tws, Line In/fm

The GEYGUY GTSK8-2 PA system is the perfect choice for a variety of audio needs. This portable speaker system comes equipped with a 8-inch subwoofer and a 3.5-inch horn tweeter, delivering powerful and clear sound with stunning bass that can reach up to 164ft/50m. The low-loss black nylon mesh protects the speaker and minimizes sound quality loss.

The wireless microphone features new dynamic circular balancing technology and built-in U-segment digital chips for pure, smooth sound. This karaoke machine also features built-in Bluetooth, making it easy to connect to a variety of devices for on-the-go music enjoyment. The TWS function allows you to connect to another GEYGUY PA speaker for an immersive stereo experience.

In addition to Bluetooth and TWS, this PA system also supports multiple audio source input with a LINE IN and remote control for clear sound. The thick ABS shell is strong and durable, reducing noise. The trolley and pulley make it easy to take this PA system on-the-go, making it ideal for bistros, street performances, karaoke, and more.

Overall, the GEYGUY GTSK8-2 PA system is the perfect choice for anyone looking for powerful sound and multiple audio source options. With its high-quality design, this PA system is perfect for a variety of audio needs.

5. 9v 2a Power Supply Adapter, Us Plug

This 9V 2000mA Power Supply 100-240V AC to 9Volt DC 2A Switching Supply Power Adapter 5.5 X2.5/2.1mm US Plug AC Adapter Transformer Wall Adapter is the perfect product for a wide range of applications. It is suitable for LED lamps, routers, speakers, handheld vacuums, lighted mirrors, juicers, humidifiers, security monitoring, air purifiers, wifi IP home cameras, and other 9V devices that are less than 18W.

The power adapter has an input of AC100V-240V 50/60Hz and an output of DC9V, 2A Max. It is recommended to use less than 80% of the full load to ensure safety and stability. The DC plug size is 5.5mmx2.5mm (5.5mmx2.1mm compatible) and it is important to note that the positive and negative poles must not be wrongly connected, as this will cause the equipment to not work.

The adapter is equipped with an over voltage/ over current/ short circuit/over loaded/surge protection system, allowing it to be used without fear of damage to your equipment. It is also designed without any fans or noise, ensuring quiet operation.

This 9V 2000mA Power Supply 100-240V AC to 9Volt DC 2A Switching Supply Power Adapter 5.5 X2.5/2.1mm US Plug AC Adapter Transformer Wall Adapter is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient power adapter. It is easy to use and provides excellent protection for your equipment.

6. 9v 2a Ac Adapter Power Supply With 11 Dc Plugs

This 9V 2A AC Adapter Power Supply Charger is the perfect solution for powering a range of electronic equipment. It offers a regulated switching power output of 9 volts and 2 amps, with an input of 100V-240V 50/60Hz. An extra length of 6 feet (180cm) allows for flexibility in use. It has an intelligent identification output that is compatible with 0.1A~2A 100mA~2000mA equipment.

The adapter is equipped with 11 interchangeable DC plugs that are suitable for devices with a current of 300mA 400mA 500mA 600mA 700mA 800mA 900mA 1000mA 1500mA 2000mA. It is also equipped with built-in safety mechanisms such as short circuit, over current, over voltage, and over temperature protection.

This 9V 2A AC Adapter Power Supply Charger is suitable for a wide range of applications and is suitable for use with a range of electronic equipment. It is easy to install and use and comes with lifetime friendly customer service and reliable after-sales support. It is a reliable and safe choice for powering your electronic equipment.

7. 6.35mm Female Stereo Socket Jacks, Patch Cables, Microphone Connectors (6 Pack)

The Lageter 6.35mm (1/4inch) Female Stereo Socket Panel Mount Jacks, Patch Cables, Microphone Connector Adapter 6 Pack is the perfect choice for demanding live sound and studio recording applications. This set includes six 6.35mm Stereo TRS sockets that are solidly constructed for their intended purpose. The threading and nuts/washers used are of high quality, ensuring the sockets are durable and reliable.

The small insulator strip along the inside of the long sleeve terminal provides extra protection, preventing short circuits between the ring and tip terminal solder connections. This set can also be used for microphone jacks, earphone plugs, Audio Video AV PC connections and more.

The Lageter 6.35mm (1/4inch) Female Stereo Socket Panel Mount Jacks, Patch Cables, Microphone Connector Adapter 6 Pack are soldering type and are the ideal choice for a variety of audio-visual applications. With its high-quality construction and reliable performance, you can trust this set to provide the perfect connection for your audio and video needs.

8. Pyle Pphp898mx 8-Ch. 600w Pa Speaker Amp Kit W/ 8" Sub, 1" Tweeter, Bluetooth, Mp3, Aux, Usb, Xlr, 1/4", Rca

The Pyle PPHP898MX is an 8-channel portable Bluetooth speaker amplifier kit with an 8" subwoofer and 1" horn tweeter, perfect for stage and studio audio mixing. With 600 watts of power, this system is equipped with compression drivers and titanium diaphragms that deliver full range surround stereo sound reproduction.

This PA speaker set features Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming, enabling you to connect to your smartphone, tablet, or PC for enhanced sound quality. Other inputs include an AUX IN and MP3 input source, as well as USB flash and SD memory card readers, four XLR 3 pin connectors, 1/4" input, and RCA input/output jacks. You can also adjust the audio with the 5-band graphic EQ control.

The Pyle PPHP898MX is constructed with a rugged, durable engineered ABS case in a convenient cabinet design for easy setup. Its perfect for personal indoor and outdoor use, as well as on-stage performances and crowd control. With its advanced audio technology and versatile design, the Pyle PPHP898MX is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a powerful and reliable sound system.

9. Boss 9v Psa Adapter For Guitar Pedal Power Supply

This 9V PSA Adapter Guitar Pedal Power Supply from VHBW is the perfect solution for powering your Boss PSA-120S, ME-80 ME-70 ME-25 ME-50B GT-100 GT-1 GT-10 AD-10 BR-80 BR-600 DB-88 DB-90 CE-2B BOSS Mini Katana RE-20 RC-1 RC-3 DS-2 and more. With this power supply, you'll save your battery life and won't have to worry about finding replacements.

This 9V PSA Adapter features UL listed components and advanced safety features, including short-circuit protection, over-voltage protection, and more. It is compatible with the Boss PSA-100, PSA-100S, PSA-120, PSA-120S, PSA-120S2, PSA-120T, PSA-220S, PSA-230, PSA-230S, and PSA-240. The DC plug is 5.5mm x 2.1mm and has a center negative, and the cable cord length is 5.9 feet.

VHBW's 9V PSA Adapter Guitar Pedal Power Supply is a must-have for anyone with a Boss guitar pedal. It is high quality, reliable, and comes with an 18-month warranty for peace of mind. Plus, you'll get friendly customer service in case you have any questions. Don't risk your guitar pedal running out of power, get the VHBW 9V PSA Adapter Guitar Pedal Power Supply now.

10. Ac/dc Adapter, 9v 2a, 8 Dc Plug Tips.

This AC Adapter 9V 2A Power Supply is designed to provide reliable, long-lasting performance and durability. It offers an input of AC100V-240V 50/60Hz and a maximum output of DC9V~2A, and a power rating of 18W. This product is equipped with an inner positive/outer negative polarity and a DC plug size of 5.5mm x 2.1mm, and has a net weight of approximately 0.1kg.

This power adapter is certified with CE/FCC/DoE VI to ensure safety and quality, and it is designed with an overload/surge protection system and no fan or noise for a quiet operation. It is perfect for powering devices such as LED Strip Light, Wireless Router, ADSL Cats, HUB, Switches, Security Cameras, Audio/ Video Power Supply and more.

Before ordering, please check the DC socket type, power consumption (must not exceed the Max output of the adapter), and the polarity of the device to avoid any potential damage. In the event that you experience any problems after receiving your package, such as parts missing or package damage, we'll take care of it within 24 hours.

We guarantee that our products will pass strict testing before they are sent out. In the event that there is a faulty product, we will take care of it within 24 hours (except for the problem caused by improper handling or processing). With our AC Adapter 9V 2A Power Supply, you can enjoy reliable, long-lasting performance.

Guitar Center Pa Speakers FAQs

Does guitar Center have speakers?

Yes, Guitar Center does carry speakers. They offer a wide selection of speakers, from compact desktop speakers to large PA systems. They carry both powered and unpowered speakers, allowing you to choose the best option for your needs. They also have a variety of brands, including popular names such as JBL and Bose. Whether you're looking for a small home setup or a robust live sound system, Guitar Center has the speakers to meet your needs. In addition, the knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right system and provide helpful advice along the way.

How many decibels does a PA system need?

The exact amount of decibels needed for a PA system will depend on the size of the venue, the type of event and the desired volume level. Generally speaking, a PA system will need a minimum of 95 decibels to be heard by a small audience, while a larger audience may require up to 120 decibels. Additionally, the type of event should be taken into consideration when determining the decibel level of the PA system. For example, a rock concert may need a higher decibel level than a lecture or corporate event. To ensure optimal sound quality, it is recommended to use a professional sound engineer to properly set up the PA system and adjust the decibel level to the appropriate level.

What are the best PA speakers to buy?

When it comes to PA speakers, it really depends on what you're looking for. If you need something for a large venue or a professional set up, then look for active PA speakers with high wattage, multiple drivers, and digital inputs. If you're looking for something for a smaller venue, then look for passive PA speakers with lighter wattage and a single driver. It's also important to consider the size and weight of the speakers, as larger and heavier speakers may be more difficult to transport. Additionally, look for speakers with good sound quality, durability, and features such as built-in effects, EQs, and Bluetooth connectivity. Finally, consider your budget, as good quality PA speakers can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand.

What is the difference between a guitar speaker and a PA speaker?

A guitar speaker is a speaker specifically designed for use in electric guitar amplifiers, whereas a PA speaker is general purpose speaker designed for use in public address (PA) systems. Guitar speakers are typically designed to emphasize certain frequencies, such as the mids and highs, to give the guitar a desired sound. PA speakers, on the other hand, are designed to accurately reproduce a wide frequency range of sound and have a much higher power rating than guitar speakers. Additionally, PA speakers are designed to project sound at a wider angle than guitar speakers, which allows them to be heard by larger audiences. Lastly, PA speakers are typically more expensive than guitar speakers, due to their higher power rating and wider frequency range.

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