Guitar Center Monitor Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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Guitar Center monitor speakers are an essential part of any home or professional recording studio. They provide a clear and accurate representation of the sound that you are producing, allowing you to make sure that your recordings sound as good as possible. When looking for monitor speakers, there are a few key points to consider in order to get the best results.

Firstly, you should consider the size of the room you are working in. Monitor speakers are designed to provide a flat frequency response, meaning that they will sound the same regardless of the size of the room. If you have a larger room, you should look for monitor speakers with a larger frequency range. However, if you are working in a smaller space, then you should look for speakers with a smaller frequency range.

Secondly, you should consider the type of sound you want to achieve. Monitor speakers come in a variety of styles, from full-range speakers to those designed for specific genres of music. It’s important to find the right speakers for the type of sound you are looking for.

Thirdly, you should consider the power of the speakers. Monitor speakers with higher power ratings will be able to produce louder and more accurate sound.

Fourthly, you should consider the placement of the speakers. Proper placement of the speakers will ensure that you get the best sound possible.

Finally, you should consider the price of the speakers. Monitor speakers can range in price from relatively inexpensive to very expensive. It’s important to find speakers that fit within your budget and will provide the best sound quality.

In conclusion, when looking for monitor speakers at Guitar Center, there are a few key points to consider. Firstly, the size of the room, the type of sound you are looking for, the power of the speakers, the placement of the speakers, and the price. By considering these points, you can ensure that you get the best monitor speakers for your needs.

10 Best Selling Guitar Center Monitor Speakers

1. 2.4ghz Wireless Iem System For Musicians, Djs, Drummers, Rehearsal, Studio.

This KIMAFUN 2.4G Wireless in Ear Monitor System is the perfect audio monitoring for your personal stage or team stage. It adopts 2.4G wireless transmission, which is allowed to be used free worldwide and provides great signal stability, anti-interference, and short audio delay. The wireless system comes with a transmitter and a receiver. It can switch between built-in 6 channels to prevent possible interference from other devices, and the transmitter and receiver have the remaining battery indicator to ensure that you can estimate how long they can be used.

The system also comes with ergonomically shaped 45-degree angle in ear earbuds that provide comfortable and secure fit for better soundproofing and prolonged use. Both cables offer a form-fitting cord to go over the back of your ears. These earphones are enhanced with bass, mids, and treble that are extremely rich and energetic. It also has excellent noise reduction ability, making it suitable for stage performance and recording studio monitoring.

The transmitter has a 1/8" three-pole plug, which is suitable for most electric guitar amplifiers and cameras. It also comes with a mono 1/4" adapter and a stereo 1/4" adapter for most stage speakers, outdoor speakers, recording studios, etc. The system can also be used for synchronization between different speakers with the receiving cable.

This KIMAFUN 2.4G Wireless in Ear Monitor System is the best choice for monitoring on stage performance, band rehearsal, recording studio, live performance, camera record and more. It also comes with a 30 days no reason return and one year warranty. If you have any questions, you can contact the seller directly or send an email to the after-sales service email listed in the manual.

2. Bp40d 80w Portable Bluetooth Guitar Amp W/reverb, Delay, 6 Inputs & 3 Band Eq – Black

The Coolmusic BP40D Powered Acoustic Guitar Amplifier- Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a powerful and versatile choice for acoustic guitarists. With 80 watts of power and 6 different inputs, it can accommodate a variety of instruments such as guitar, piano, keyboards, and microphones. It also features a 3-band balance to suit any music style, as well as a built-in reverb effect to add natural and echo-like sounds.

The amplifier has plenty of features to suit any situation, from live performances to solo practice. With the addition of Bluetooth connectivity, you can wirelessly connect to your device and stream music with ease. It also features phone input, CD/MP3 input, and USB plugin for more options. The headphone input and DI output make it easy to monitor your sound and mix levels.

For added convenience, the BP40D has a rechargeable battery that offers up to 6-8 hours of use depending on the volume. It can also be used with a direct connection to electricity. Finally, the microphone interface is designed with 48V phantom power, compatible with both condenser and dynamic microphones, giving you greater control over your sound.

The Coolmusic BP40D Powered Acoustic Guitar Amplifier-Portable Bluetooth Speaker is an excellent choice for acoustic guitarists of all levels. With its 80 watt power and many features, it is perfect for live performances, studio recordings, solo practice, and more. It is also easy to use and comes with a rechargeable battery and condenser microphone switch for added convenience.

3. Jw-03 Wireless Guitar System, 4-Channel, Rechargeable.

The JOYO 2.4GHz Wireless Guitar System 4 Channels Rechargeable Audio Wireless Transmitter Receiver for Guitar Bass Electric Instruments (JW-03) is the perfect device for musicians looking to break free from cables and wires. With its 2.4GHz band, it provides low latency, low noise, and no interference, offering a clear quality signal transmission over 20 meters away.

The device is compatible with most electric guitars, bass, acoustic guitars, and other digital music instruments, thanks to its plugs that can be rotated for 220 degrees. It is easy to pair the transmitter and receiver- just turn them on, press the pairing button of the receiver, and press the pairing button of the transmitter for more than 2 seconds.

The double-sided USB cable makes it easy to charge the transmitter and receiver simultaneously, and the switchover between the 4 signal channels is effortless. The device is approved for worldwide use, and its built-in battery is designed for over 8 hrs battery life when fully charged, making it perfect for gigs and performances.

In conclusion, the JOYO 2.4GHz Wireless Guitar System 4 Channels Rechargeable Audio Wireless Transmitter Receiver for Guitar Bass Electric Instruments (JW-03) is the perfect device for musicians looking to take their performance to the next level. With its clear quality signal transmission, high compatibility, easy pairing and long battery life, it is sure to bring joy to any musician.

4. Polk Audio Cs1 Series Ii Center Channel Speaker: Standalone/compatible W/monitor 40/60/70, Detachable Grille, Black

The Polk Audio CS1 Series II Center Channel Speaker is a great addition to any home audio setup. It features two 5-1/4" Polk's Proprietary Dynamic Balance Woofers and a 1" Tweeter for detailed high frequency response and accurate reproduction of audio with very low distortion. An aptly designed port on the rear of the speaker gives you powerful, deep bass, so you can enjoy high impact music that’s natural and lifelike.

The unique reversible design of the CS1 gives you the flexibility to position the loudspeaker below the ear level and still hear clear, crisp sound. Turn the cabinet upside down and it aims the sound up, directing it right at your listening level. The CS1 can be used as a stand alone speaker or as a complement to Monitor 40, 60, and 70 Speakers for a timbre-matched setup.

The Polk Audio CS1 Series II Center Channel Speaker offers superior sound quality with its reliable and craftsmanship engineering. Polk Audio is one of the most trusted names in home audio speakers and entertainment systems, and their commitment to bring out the best in technology ensures that you get the perfect audio experience. With the CS1, you can sit back, relax and listen with your heart. The speaker also comes with a detachable grille and is available in black.

5. Portable Electric Guitar Bass Amplifier Mini Bluetooth Practice Speaker

The Portable Electric Guitar Bass Amplifier Mini Bluetooth Practice Speaker is the perfect amplifier for the beginning electric guitarist or anyone who wants a small, easy-to-use practice amp with quality tone and a great price. This amplifier features a digital power amplifier chipset simulation circuit, effects for guitar, and a custom equalization. It also has both passive and active input for stage performance, studio recording, outdoor concerts, home practice and other musical applications.

The amplifier is conveniently compact and built with classic contracted style. It is mobile phone Bluetooth, U disk, SD card playback input and players can plug in together for live gigs, street performances and other occasions such as birthday parties and cafes. It also makes for an excellent travel companion as no electrical outlet is required due to its built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. With up to four hours of play time when you are on the go, you can take this tiny design and become part of the band anywhere.

The amplifier is mini in stature but big on fun. It is compact and lightweight, measuring 1.3 x 2 x 3.8 inches and weighing just 0.2 lbs, so you can throw it in a custom guitar case, travel backpack, or pocket for the road. It is also exclusively recommended for electric guitars amps, so you can use it as an education equipment for electric guitar. Whether you are just starting out or you are an experienced musician, the Portable Electric Guitar Bass Amplifier Mini Bluetooth Practice Speaker is the perfect amplifier for you.

6. Universal 12w Ac/dc Adapter W/ 14 Tips & Polarity Converter

The JOVNO 12W Universal AC DC Adapter is an incredible product that can precisely adjust the required voltage to fit most of the household electronics. It is the perfect replacement adapter for many devices such as Elliptical Machines, Fitness Bikes, Label Makers, Blood Pressure Monitors, Record Players, NES, Arduino Projects, Routers, Speakers, LED Strip Lights, CCTV Camera Systems, USB-HUBs, HDMI Splitters, USB Charging Cameras, Doorbells, Hurricane Scrub Brushes, Breast Pumps, Printers, Hand Sanitizer Stations, Handheld Vacuums, Security Equipment, Led Lighting Under Cabinets, IR Lamps, Water Purifiers, DC Pumps, ADSL Cats, CD Players, Massage Guns, Tabletop Fountains and more.

The adapter has an input voltage of AC 100V-240V 0.2A 50/60Hz and an adjustable output voltage of DC 3V, 4.5V, 5V, 6V, 7.5V, 9V, 12V, 1A 12W Max. It is equipped with 14 premium plugs including Micro-USB, Type-C, DC terminal connector, 6.5×4.4mm+Pin, 5.5×2.1mm, 5.5×3.0mm+Pin, 5.0×2.5mm, 6.3×3.0mm, 5.5×1.7mm, 4.8×1.7mm, 4.0×1.7mm, 3.5×1.35mm, 3.0×1.1mm, 2.5×0.7mm and a reverse polarity converter cable to suit the needs of different electronic devices.

The adapter is made with the industry's top materials and processes, featuring a flame retardant shell resistant to high temperatures and premium-quality components. It is certified by FCC, CE, RoHS, CCC and has safety features including overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, overload protection, and short-circuit protection to ensure the stability and smoothness of the power supply.

It is important to note that the DC Plug Polarity is inner Positive(+) and outer Negative(-). If the device requires output power with opposite polarity, the reverse polarity converter cable must be used.

We offer a 45-day money back guarantee and 12-month warranty, as well as lifetime technical support and 24-hour online service. Buy with confidence and contact us if you have any questions.

7. 27w Universal Power Adapter W/ 8 Tips

This 9V 3A Power Cord Adapter Supply is a universal 27W wall charger with 8 interchangeable tips for various applications. This adapter is designed to be compatible with a wide range of electronic products, including Arduino UNO R3 REV 3, Mega 2560 R3, 9V Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breastpumps, Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable Record Player, Elliptical machine, Hybrid trainer, Wireless routers, ADSL Cats, HUB, Switch, Security camera, Audio/Video, Speaker, mirco usb/ mini usb enable devices, LED-L132T / LED-L122T / LED-L132T and other 9V home electronic. The 8 tips connectors include LED Terminal Connector, Micro-USB, Mini-USB, 5.5*2.5mm, 4.0*1.7mm, 3.5*1.35mm, 3.0*1.1mm, 2.5*0.7mm for more comprehensive charging options.

This adapter is approved by CE and FCC, and features Over-voltage, Over-current, Short-circuit and Over-heat protections. It is also equipped with an efficient Anti-interference Magnetic Ring to avoid EMI (Electromagnetic Interference). The extended cord measures 85cm (2.8ft) and the DC connector is center positive with a 5.5×2.1mm size. What's more, it comes with 3 way power chain cables for powering multiple 9V devices simultaneously with just one adaptor.

This 9V 3A Power Cord Adapter Supply is a safe and reliable power source for all your 9V applications. It is perfect for powering multiple devices such as video cameras, monitors, speakers, tablets, recorders, routers, Arduino, Schwinn Elliptical Exercise Bike and Medela Pump.

8. Sound Dampening Speaker Riser Foam – Audio Acoustic Isolation Platform Pads W/ Rubber Base Pad For Studio Monitor, Subwoofer, Speakers – Pyle Psi21 (22.3x15x3in)

The Pyle Sound Dampening Speaker Riser Foam is designed to achieve optimal audio performance. It helps reduce vibration, eliminates unwanted levels of audio resonance and promotes the flow of 'clean' speaker sound projection. The included sound dampening riser platform pad works with virtually all speaker types, brands and models and is perfect for studio monitor, subwoofer, loudspeakers and shelf speakers.

This riser is made of high density engineered foam that has been lab-tested to promote efficient speaker stabilization, noise isolation and sound dampening absorption. It also features an anti-slip rubber base pad which helps keep your speakers secured and stable. An integrated 'CNC' machined thick steel top-plate for sturdy placement of speakers makes it perfect for stage or studio use.

Each riser measures 22.3” x 15” x 3” and has a maximum speaker weight capacity of up to 100 lbs. The high-density foam construction and universal speaker compatibility effectively stabilizes and reduces recoil for any audio application. This sound dampening speaker riser foam from Pyle is a must-have if you want to take your audio performance to the next level.

For optimal sound, the Pyle Sound Dampening Speaker Riser Foam is the perfect solution. It helps reduce vibration and promote the flow of 'clean' speaker sound, while the anti-slip rubber base pad and integrated steel top-plate help keep your speakers stable and secure. The high-density foam construction and universal speaker compatibility effectively stabilizes and reduces recoil for any audio application. With its maximum speaker weight capacity of up to 100 lbs, the Pyle Speaker Riser is the perfect addition to any sound system.

9. Lyxpro Spa-5.5 Pa Speaker Monitor System With Mixer & Eq

The LyxPro SPA-5.5 is a powerful and compact active speaker system amplifier and mixer. With 125W RMS and 150W peak power, it is perfect for small PA speaker and monitor applications. The Class-D amplifier provides clear sound and the 3-channel mixer with 3-band EQ makes it easy to customise your sound. It is also equipped with a +48V phantom power supply for condenser microphones, as well as XLR, ¼” RCA, and 3.5mm (1/8") inputs for stereo CD, MP3 and other audio devices.

The LyxPro SPA-5.5 also features an instrument switch for direct connection of instruments. This makes it a great choice for guitar amps and karaoke, as well as PA speaker and monitor applications. The versatile speaker can be mounted on a microphone stand, and its compact size makes it easy to transport.

For those in need of an affordable, powerful and compact PA speaker or monitor amplifier, the LyxPro SPA-5.5 is an excellent choice. With its Class-D amplifier, 3-channel mixer and 3-band EQ, it is easy to customise your sound and provide clear audio for all occasions. Plus, the +48V phantom power supply and the instrument switch make it a great choice for guitar amps, karaoke systems and other applications.

Guitar Center Monitor Speakers FAQs

Are monitor speakers any good?

Monitor speakers can be good depending on your needs and budget. If you're looking for speakers for general listening purposes or for home theater, then monitor speakers can be a great option. They tend to have more accurate and detailed sound than regular speakers, and many of them have features like separate volume control, which is useful for home theater. Monitor speakers can also often be used for professional recording and mixing, giving you better quality sound than you'd get with regular speakers. Ultimately, it comes down to your specific needs and budget to determine if monitor speakers are a good option for you.

Can you play guitar through monitor speakers?

Yes, monitor speakers can be used to play guitar. Monitor speakers, also known as studio monitors, are designed to accurately reproduce sound without introducing any additional coloration or distortion. This makes them an ideal choice for guitarists looking to accurately hear their instrument. When using monitor speakers, be sure to choose a model that can adequately handle the volume levels of your instrument. Also, be mindful of the crossover frequency of the speaker, as this determines how much low-end frequency will be heard. Additionally, make sure the speaker is placed in a location that minimizes reflections. Finally, be sure to adjust the EQ settings to find the best balance for your instrument. With the right setup, monitor speakers can provide a great listening experience for guitarists.

What are the speakers on stage monitor?

Stage monitors are speakers used by musicians during live performances to hear themselves and their bandmates on stage. They are typically placed on the floor close to the performers, or on stands pointing up towards them. Stage monitors allow the musicians to hear their own performance as if they were on a studio recording, allowing them to better hear their nuances, timing and overall sound. They are also useful for providing sound reinforcement to singers and instrumentalists who may otherwise have difficulty hearing themselves on stage. Stage monitors come in a variety of types and sizes, with some being better suited to certain applications than others. Generally, full-range speakers are the most common type of stage monitor, providing good sound clarity and a wide frequency range. Subwoofers are often used in addition to full-range speakers, providing low-end power and punch that may be difficult to achieve with just the full-range speakers. Ultimately, the best type of stage monitor for any given performance will depend on the specific needs of the musicians.

What is special about monitor speakers?

Monitor speakers are specially designed for use in recording studios and sound production. They are used to accurately reproduce the audio signal, allowing sound engineers to make precise adjustments to the mix. Monitor speakers are designed to be flat, meaning they don't boost or cut any frequencies, allowing for a more accurate representation of the audio signal. They also tend to have a better frequency response, a wider soundstage, and better imaging than regular speakers. Monitor speakers are also designed to be placed in an acoustically treated environment which improves the accuracy of the sound. This makes them ideal for use in recording studios, since sound engineers need to be able to hear the sound accurately.

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