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Singer-songwriter Hannah Miller grabbed my attention the other day.

See, I’m a sucker for a gal, a voice, and a guitar, and her song “At My Best” sure did the trick. I like simplicity in music; I like the cold truth. Give me something that is real any day over what has been manufactured, or “mashed up.” And when it’s done the right way – or maybe just the way I like it – I fall for it. Hard.

Take a few minutes and listen.

I could listen to a song like that for years and years.

Luckily, there’s more. Miller released a fabulous four-song EP, Journey to the Moon, earlier this year, and if you liked what you heard above, I suggest giving it a try. It has some spunk to it – “Way About Ya” might even make you get up and shake it. Modestly, anyway.

What makes Hannah Miller tick? We asked her, and thankfully, she answered. Please enjoy our latest 10 to Spin.

I know it’s different for everybody, but when I listen to music, the first thing I notice is the voice…(excepting classical or instrumental, of course…) I cannot really separate the music from the singing, and if I fall in love with a song, nine times out of ten, I’m falling in love with a voice, because it moves me, because it has this undefinable quality that makes me want to hear it over again, because there is something mysterious and gut wrenching contained in it…So, I thought my theme for this playlist would be Voices; ten voices that wreck me, in the best possible way, and some of the songs that showcase those voices and allow them to be all they were meant to be…and in no particular order…enjoy!

1. Over the Rhine – Latter Days
I love these guys, and Karin Bergquist was one of my earliest (and only female for awhile) influences!

2. U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday
What can I say really? The definition of gut wrenching…
3. Elton John – My Father’s Gun
Again, any commentary should be unnecessary here too…arrrggghhhhh!

4. Tom Petty – It’ll All Work Out
It just makes you feel so much, you know? I wanna be him…I wanna do that to people with my music.

5. Matthew Perryman Jones – Save You
Okay, I love this guy; his music makes me wanna cry, and he is an awesome person, and I was so, so honored to sing some background vocal on his upcoming record!

6. Tom Waits – Singapore
I remember hearing this for the first time in college, and wondering how a voice like that could have existed in the world for so long w/o me knowing it! It’s kinda earth shattering…

7. Dolly Parton – Why’d You Come in Here Lookin’ Like That
Again, what can I say?…it’s like magic

8. Thad Cockrell – The Master’s Calling [listen]
This track is a 2 for 1 b/c Julie Lee is on background vocal and she is amazing, too; love ’em both.
9. Cary Ann Hearst – Hells Bells
Oh my goodness, a fellow South Carolina musician with me, and one that the whole world is gonna know about soon.

10. Simon and Garfunkel – The Only Living Boy in New York
Yes, another 2 for 1, and these guys have been in my head since I was in elementary school…I know exactly where I was when I heard these voices for the first time!

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