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Back in April, we first espoused the musical virtues of Air Review when the engaging, rustic, and immeasurably listenable, “America’s Son” was our Pajammy Jam of the Day. Since then, these Texans have been quite busy, as they have been recording, rationing, and releasing the America’s Son EP, one track at a time. Check out Air Review’s most recent single “Low Wishes” below and watch the fresh new video for “My Automatic” over at Air Review’s Facebook Page.

We were recently able to catch up with Air Review’s Doug Hale, who was kind enough to answer some questions about the band’s home-base Dallas, Texas. Air Review stalkers…pencils ready?

1. Tell us something unique about Dallas that we can’t find on Wikipedia.

We only really have two seasons. Summer and Winter. So, if visiting, expect to need to wear shorts from March through mid-November. Then, coats from mid-November through end of February. That’s it. We’ve heard of “sweater-weather,” but it’s an ever-elusive enigma to us.

2. What’s your favorite song about Dallas?

“Won’t Let Go” by David Bazan. Really he just mentions our airport…but damned if we’re not claiming the whole song. It has so much space and refrain. It’s really a gorgeous tune. Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Grandmaster Flash’s “The Message.” Again – not sure it’s specifically about Dallas but he mentions it, and it’s such an iconic song. There’s an urban legend that it was played for the first time on the airwaves here in Dallas on one of our underground stations, but I’m sure all cities say that.

3. If you could take us out for a drink in Dallas, where we would we go?

The Londoner is a pub we frequent. It’s clean and free of corporate sexed-up 30-somethings. Best Steak & Mushroom Pie in town.

4. If you could take us out for a meal in Dallas, where we would we go and what would we eat?

Addis Ababa. Ethiopian cuisine. It’s the best Ethiopian in town. And honestly, better than much of the food I had in Ethiopia. I’d make you wash your hands as it’s family style, and there are no utensils provided.

5. What is the easiest way to get in trouble in Dallas?

Drive around with expired registration or inspection stickers. I swear our cops have the best eyesight in the US. Freakishly good eyesight. They’ll get you every time.

6. Tell us about the first time you played at home as Air Review. How did it go?

We played our debut for a packed house at the historic Curtain Club. The sound is always brilliant, the lights were stunning. We…were okay. We had released a few songs a couple of months prior and there was a decent buzz around town. So there was a pretty good amount of expectation surrounding the show. So really we just tried to keep up with our songs and do the best we could. Of course we thought we were amazing because of the crowd response, but looking back it was a pretty rough set.

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