“If you’re movin’ out to the west/ then you’d better learn how to surf…”

I’ve been to West Palm Beach. And let me just say that my impression of West Palm Beach is diametrically opposed to anything having to do with indie rock. Maybe that’s because I was hanging out with my parents the entire time I was there. Regardless, I was surprised to find out that a) there’s a band that calls WPB home, and b) I like this band.

The guys in Surfer Blood don’t actually surf, but they do make fantastic sunshine-pop, a beachside cocktail blended with waves of reverb, lighthearted lyrics, and direct nods to The Beach Boys.

Surfer Blood – Floating Vibes

If you like “Floating Vibes,” hop on over to HearYa to try out “Swim (To Reach the End).”  Astro Coast comes out tomorrow, January 19, 2010, on Kanine Records.

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