“I’ll tell you why I say my name is Lion…”

Already an East coast favorite, the Brooklyn-based band, The Morning Pages, is prepping itself to receive some much-deserved love from the rest of the country. After listening to the lead single, “My Name is Lion,” I know this much is true. Combining “country authenticity with the grit of city life,” (not to mention some distinguished lead vocals that, at times, oh-so wonderfully favor Neil Young), The Morning Pages makes loving music easy, like the sound is custom-made, just for me.

I’ll let the press release do the talkin’:
Bringing musicians like The Pierces for the harmonies, as well as recruiting piano work from Alec Higgins (Alberta Cross) and fiddle accompaniments from Gillian Rivers (Nicole Atkins), Rising Rain is a classic country-folk record that’s as much Beale Street as it is Bleecker Street. The album’s standouts include the heart-wrenching folk ballad and first single “My Name is Lion,” joyous foot-stompers like “With The Lord” and “This City Keeps Me Down” — tracks that are half folksy soul, half rooftop jam sessions. The record also has a number of plaintive, big-city laments like “Move to the Country” and “Makes Me Cry.” Above all, the album fuses Nashville twang with New York sensibilities as few bands have done before.

The Morning Pages – My Name Is Lion

HearYa did a fantastic live session with the band that you can listen to here.

Rising Rain comes out May 11, 2010 on Zealous Records.

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