Jam of the Day | Andrew Bird – Eyeoneye

“No one can break your heart/ so you break it yourself.”

Well, it’s about damn time! Andrew Bird’s much anticipated twelfth album, Break It Yourself, is FINALLY going to tickle our ears with violin fancies! Due out March 6th, the LP was recorded at his barn in Western Illinois, near the banks of the mighty Mississippi River. How could THAT not have produced some awesome inspiration?

Hopefully the lyric above, taken from our Jam of the Day, “Eyeoneye,” verifies a new, less-sweet direction for this record. The song itself does not stray too far from Bird’s successful formula of whistles, wistful words, and a driving rhythm, but it does seem to offer a bit more animosity than we’re accustomed to. Which is a good thing!

Check it out below and pre-order the album in any one of 4 million versions here. Even better, if you have not purchased tickets to one of his upcoming live dates, including March 22nd at The Pageant, click here to take advantage of a ticket bundle that awards you two show passes, a digital download of the new album, and two EPs! What?!?

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