Jam of the Day | The Apache Relay – Power Hungry Animals

There is something about The Apache Relay‘s music that is instantly familiar, but nonetheless extremely exciting, the very first second that needle drops. It’s like when you first get your car back after a month in the shop. You can’t wait to get it out on the road, despite the fact you’ve driven it before, and somehow it feels brand new though you’ve turned that steering wheel a thousand times before.

This car has a Whiskeytown bumper sticker on the back window. And a homemade Avett Brothers sticker circa 2003. It has leftover sticky stuff from a Beatles sticker slapped on at the beginning of the musical journey and the outlines of once-there and now-removed stickers from Uncle Tupelo, The Replacements, and The Black Crowes.

Our Jam of the Day, “Power Hungry Animals,” displays songwriter Michael Ford Jr.’s unique ability to combine semi-traditional mountain music with sprawling and complex layers of soulful goodness. It builds and breaks into one of those song moments you’ll listen to over and over, and once the lyrics have stuck, you’ll be helpless to not sing right along.

So any of you people out there who like the music behind any of the aforementioned band stickers, you can listen and download below. It’s highly recommended you do.We’ll also be offering up a review of their upcoming show at Local 506 in Chapel Hill. We’ve heard great things about what the band does on the road.

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