You Can Host A White Stripes Documentary Screening!

A month ago, we announced that The White Stripes would release its first ever live album, Under the Great White Northern Lights with an accompanying documentary directed by Emmett Malloy. Watch the trailer here.

Well, now it’s time for The White Stripes Under the Great Northern Lights to hit the theaters! If the title itself isn’t a mouthful, the good news is that you can shovel down buttery popcorn goodness while you watch.

Starting in Seattle and Toronto, the documentary will enjoy special screenings in major cities until its official DVD release date on March 16, 2010. Check below for midnight screenings hosted by AMC Theatres. If you don’t see your city listed, check back on The White Stripes’ website for updates.

Also, if you’re a huge White Stripes fan, you have the chance to host one of the upcoming screenings at your home or favorite hang-out on March 16, 2010 by purchasing a special screening kit. Click here to get involved.

AMC Theatres midnight screenings on March 11, 2010:
Washington D.C. – Hoffman 22
Detroit – Forum 30
Philadelphia – Neshaminy 24
Chicago – River East 21
Minneapolis – Rosedale 14
Los Angeles – Block 30
San Diego – Mission Valley 20
Seattle – Pacific Place 11
Boston – Boston Common 19
New Jersey – Palisades 21
New York City – Empire 25
Atlanta – Barrett 24

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