Jam of the Day | Autre Ne Veut – World War Pt. 2

Heartbreak, man. Am I right? It can shatter a person’s soul so completely, shards remain for-literally-ever. Sinking a sharp edge in at random times, conjured by a simple smell, word, color, or place. Those edges, and the feelings they materialize can range in severity, from just a vapor of fleeting emotions, to nails-digging-in-your-back-pain and visions so clear you let reality slip for a second.

“World War Pt.2” feels like that version that digs in. But in the video, this memory is warped by time, or mental state. The passionate memories are all that remain. In the living room. In the hall — the feeling is there but it’s now ugly. And given the amount of skin that’s been gouged under nail, these thoughts are frequent. Poor guy.

Give the video a shot below. It’s hard first time through, but somehow, after a while, it becomes pretty powerful.

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