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No, it’s not a cover of James Brown’s hot 1985 jam, “Living in America.” But, ahem, I probably wouldn’t be too mad if it were. No, Dom’s ode to the land of the free and the home of the brave is a tongue-in-cheek proclamation of America’s downright sexiness. Yes, folks, “It’s so sexxxyyy, living in America.”
Thanks to Darren for the heads up on Dom, a Massachusetts pop trio (but Stereogum says sometimes quintet?) that recently released the debut EP, Sun Bronzed Greek Gods. When I went crawling around the Interwebs to find out more about Dom, I must say, I came up mostly empty-handed. Dom is like a cheeky mystery. Purposefully. I mean, look at Dom in the above picture; he’s, like, just chillin’ in front of a wooden mancave, maybe praying. Enigmatic, I say.
He tells P4K of today’s JOTD: “Living in America” is sort of facetious. What I really wanted to do was make a ‘YMCA’-type track that I would be best known for but forever hate myself for writing. Politicians can totally use it at campaigns as long as they pay me. But America’s pretty awesome. I can’t say enough about Worcester, Massachusetts. It’s a utopia.” I so appreciate Dom’s sense of humor, along with his obsession for all things ‘Lil Wayne and the fact that he wrong a song about his cat, Bochicha.

This EP is a prime candidate for a soundtrack to the summer. In fact, “Living in America” shimmers in a hazy fog, like the optical illusion that makes the July highway up ahead look fuzzy and dynamic from the intense heat of the pavement. If “Living in America” is a metaphor for how my summer’s gonna turn out, I am absolutely on board.

Dom – Living in America

The Sun Bronzed Greek Gods
EP is out now on Burning Mill Records.

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