Jam of the Day | Belle Adair – Losing My Train

now i’m rolling down the line
trying to find anything to ease my mind

For a while this summer, I thought about moving to Birmingham, Alabama.

I have friends there, musicians friends. My day job could transfer me easily. And, you know, then Belle Adair could have almost been one of my local bands. It would be lovely to be able to see the dreamy, chiming folk rock of Belle Adair every weekend at a bar I loved, you know? Especially lovely with this lead track, “Losing My Train”, from their latest release, The Brave And The Blue. It’s clean and complex, fresh and familiar, and it sticks in your mind until you listen to it again, and again, and again.

I’m not moving to Birmingham, but I am playing “Losing My Train” over and over again.

Belle Adair play Durham on Monday, 9/30, at Motorco — 8PM, $5.

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