Jam of the Day | Boxed Wine – Feral

Photo courtesy of Boxed Wine

As a girl who drank her fair share of Franzia in college, the name of this New Jersey foursome immediately caught my eye. Boxed Wine has a new (and free!), five-song EP on the Bandcamps, and it’s as fun and unpretentious as a Chillable Red.

It was hard to select a Jam of the Day out of the worthy collection, but I decided to go with “Feral.” Not only did the title remind me to look up the definition of “feral,” (I think I’ve been meaning to do that since I first heard Jason Collett’s “Feral Republic” seven years ago), but the lyrics reference werewolves and silver bullets, and I’m a sucker for all things monstery.

Boxed Wine’s overall sound reminds me of a slightly less beachy Surfer Blood, and –
hey! – that’s not a slam. Each track – subject matter aside – radiates
with summer’s luster, but in my mind, the setting’s not a sandy one. “Feral” feels too anxious and rabid to be lying on a towel with a tabloid magazine. Instead, it’s the panting anticipation of a sweaty night out.

Download Boxed Wine’s EP HERE. Go to, go to.

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