Jam of the Day | Brave Irene (feat. Rose Melberg) – No Fun

Rose Melberg’s musical journey began in 1992 with the formation of Tiger Trap in the distant land of Sacramento, California. She specialized in immaculate crash-pop that was as influenced by English C86/indie-pop as it was by the U.S. underground. Tiger Trap released a string of great records on the estimable K label which became the foundation documents of U.S. indie-rock. Tiger Trap is subsequently an oft-cited influence on young indie bands, and Rose’s writing, singing, and playing contributions to the outfit have cemented her status as one of the leading lights of the post-riot grrl indie scene.

Now we’re very pleased to bring you Rose’s latest project, a Vancouver-based band named Brave Irene. The first track we’ve heard, and our Jam of the Day, “No Fun” is an excellent example of great things to come. It’s organ-driven folk/pop with a fair amount of groove. The rhythms here are key, led by drumming that gives the songs a sense of momentum and power and perfectly complements their catchy-as-shit tunes.

Check it out below and make sure to pick up the EP when it hits shelves via Slumberland March 15th.
Brave Irene (feat. Rose Melberg) – No Fun

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