Jam of the Day | Cory Mon & The Starlight Gospel – 3 Step

How can I say this best? Today’s JOTD is Western roots-rock. Yup.

You probably guessed that from the picture posted above, or at least it had you thinking, “What the hell is this?” Well, let’s all get out of our comfort zones and enjoy some Cory Mon & The Starlight Gospel! The first time I played this (in the interest of full disclosure — I flat out blasted it in my house, windows open and everything), my dogs ran upstairs and went straight to their beds. I’m not sure what that means, but hey, I dig the sound of “3 Step.” It sort of makes me think of what Crazy Horse would sound like if they went all Western on my ass. See, now you’re interested.

Turncoats, the sophomore release from Cory Mon & The Starlight Gospel, is available now. It’s dark, it’s daring, it’s sort of like the soundtrack to the weirdest days of your life. So far, anyway.

Cory Mon & The Starlight Gospel – 3 Step

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