Jam of the Day | Electric Tickle Machine – Part of Me

True to the euphoric state their name conjures, Electric Tickle Machine has earned a reputation for exuberant live shows punctuated by Flaming Lips-style blasts of confetti and impromptu naked, dancing bodies. The music – a mix of classic “psychedelic-tinged” rock and happy garage pop luckily transfers perfectly to tape, topped off with one of the funniest album covers ever (warning: NSFW)!

The unbridled live celebration shines through in their first single “Part of Me,” which wastes no time making its mission known with clapping hands, quivering keyboards, and vocal harmonies both sung and shouted.

It’s one one of the happiest damn songs you’ll hear, and it’s much needed for the Monday morning after many of us are back from vacay. Grab it below and if you dig it, their debut LP Blew it Again just came out.

Electric Tickle Machine – Part of Me

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