Jam of the Day | Shana Falana – In the Light

Monday nights are especially tough to see a show, even for us music-junkies who would be sitting on the couch listening to a record spin anyway – getting your ass off the couch and throwing on your best t-shirt is especially daunting at the start of the week. But apparently, it’s the night to go out in Chapel Hill. And judging by the inebriation level of one high-profile triangle band member, as well as the stacked lineup at The Cave — Monday may be the new Saturday round these parts.

Shana Falana played without her drummer – and honestly, in the tiny space that is The Cave, it may have actually worked in her favor. Her sometimes dreamy, sometimes droney, take on shoegaze fit perfectly between two triangle bands with somewhat conflicting sounds. She acted as a palate cleanser of sorts, book-ending the pop-driven melodies of Wool, before the reverb-heavy assault of White Cascade.

Our Jam of the Day illustrates the poppier side of her work, but I encourage you heavily to go to her Bandcamp page to check out the rest – her chanting is damn near hypnotic, and every song on her LP, In the Light, is insanely good.

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