Jam of the Day | Field Music – All You’d Ever Need to Say

Following a self-imposed three year hiatus, Sunderland England’s Field Music returned in a major way earlier this year with a gluttonous new 20 track double album. And as things do when on hiatus, their sound apparently gained a few pounds while brothers and co-frontmen Peter and David Brewis took their rest.

Our Jam of the Day, “All You’d Ever Need to Say,” sounds girthy and happy – layering textures, guitars, and vocals together to create some modern day progressive-rock that hearkens to finer Pinback and less-poppy Apples in Stereo.

Drop the e-needle below and make sure to grab their new record, Field Music (Measure), which was released by Memphis Industries/Revolver a few months back.

Field Music – All You’d Ever Need to Say

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