Jam of the Day | Field Report – Taking Alcatraz

The idea of the slow burn isn’t appealing to everyone. Especially today in an age where everything is immediately obtainable. But with music, and specifically song craft, slowly sinking your hooks into someone’s soul is something that is oft-tried, but rarely as effective as the artist had intended.

In attempting the slow burn, many artists have unintentionally created boredom. Some show their hand too quickly, because hitting that pivotal point in which a listener releases a mental “ahhhh” is fucking hard to do. But with our Jam of the Day, and apparently everything currently available by Field Report, the slow burn is a specialty.

Another band from Wisconsin poised to blow up this year, they join a growing list of musicians making the Badger State look pretty damn respectable here of late.

Listen below and if you’re in the Triangle, check them out at this year’s Hopscotch Music Festival. They will be on our official track for sure.

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