Jam of the Day | Generationals – Ten-Twenty-Ten

Photo by Brian Balamonte

The two guys who call themselves Generationals have been friends since they were thirteen, sharing Beatles covers, apartments, schools, and stages for years. Grant Widmer and Ted Joyner, both New Orleans natives, make some of the most addictive music to come out of The Big Easy in years. Or ever. (Okay, aside from GIVERS. But, Generationals are now up there with GIVERS for this gal.)

A cunning combo of analog recordings and electronic sounds, this is full-fledged, slightly off-kilter, infectious indie pop. It instantly feels as familiar as a friend you’ve had since the ninth grade. Today’s Jam of the Day, “Ten-Twenty-Ten” juxtaposes coolly, monotone vocals with catchy-as-hell guitar. Plus, the quick tempo commands you get your ass on the dance floor.

Watch the cray-cray video for “Ten-Twenty-Ten.” Hope you like the zoo.

Generationals will hit up Off Broadway in Saint Louis on May 4th, opening for Oh No Oh My. Get your tickets here. The second LP, Actor-Caster, is available now.

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