Jam of the Day | Gold Leaves – The Ornament

Seattle-based songwriter Grant Olsen knows a little bit about Robert Frost.  In fact, it was Frost’s appreciation of the ephemeral beauty of nature, and one of his most famous lines “Nothing gold can stay,” that inspired Olsen to name his new solo project Gold Leaves. And while the name hearkens images of sunny autumnal days, the music moves well beyond into each season.

Just as foliage buds and changes color, so, too, does the meaning our Jam of the Day, “The Ornament,” assembling curios and souvenirs from a specific period in Olsen’s life, yet these tokens will carry a different currency for each listener.

Memories fade, emotions change… and songs take on new meaning. Only time will tell if the music of Gold Leaves will endure the test of time, but at the moment, his debut solo effort, The Ornament, certainly sounds like an old favorite in the making.

Download it below, and pick up the debut LP by the same name here when it is released on August 16th.

Gold Leaves – The Ornament

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