Jam of the Day | Grandchildren – Saturn Returns

I’m going to level with everyone. The Hopscotch Music Festival kicked off last night in Raleigh, North Carolina – and at least one blogger I know, ahem, acted like he was twenty-one again. Drinking his way through seven bands until the wee hours of the morning. Was it fun? Hell yes. Did he just get out of bed at 11:45 AM? Sadly.

But all of that hard work he did for you guys last night really paid off in the form of this, your Jam of the Day! It’s by Philly’s Grandchildren, and it’s pretty beeping awesome. These guys have two drummers banging around at all times, backed by a sonic wave of elecro-goodness that filled the ears of a packed King’s Barcade last night.

So enjoy “Saturn Returns” below! And pick up the album, Everlasting, via iTunes right here.

Grandchildren-Saturn Returns

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