Jam of the Day | Augustines – Book of James

Photo by Brendan Stuart

It’s a glorious day for those of us whom, for the past few years, have been crack-scratching our left arms for some new music from Bill McCarthy and his band of merry-men once known as Pela. I, luckily, found their music later than some others, seeing them open for The Gaslight Anthem on their ’59 Sound Tour and was so enthralled that I went to the merch table like a 16 year-old girl to pick up the album and get my Trapper Keeper autographed.

Augustines, McCarthy’s new band along with fellow Pela alumnist, Eric Sanderson, sounds like it picks up right where the stellar LP, Anytown Graffiti, left off with our JOTD, “Book of James.” Building upon strained and emotional vocals by digging deeper musically to create something that is all but mind blowing, they give us the perfect taste of what’s to come with fulfilling that itch for the time being.

I cannot suggest it enough. Click ye’ olde widget below to get that track.

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